Making bath times fun with Nuby

Kayleigh and Ethan love bath time, even more so when they have toys to play with. So as you can imagine they were happy little things when they received this little bundle from Nuby!


The Fish Swoosh Bath Time Play Set was a big hit as soon as it went up, both Kayleigh and Ethan enjoyed shooting their little fish into the hoop. The net cinches at the bottom for quick and easy storage.

This is a great toy for little ones to help make bath time fun.

A great addition to this is their bath time squirters, these cute little squirters are perfect for little hands but also the perfect size to use with the Fish Swoosh Bath Time Play Set. At just a few pounds too they make the perfect addition gifts for little ones.

Nuby Nuby

My favourite item out of the bundle is the Shampoo Rinse Cup, firstly as it looks so much better than my huge plastic jug we have been using since we fitted the bathroom but more importantly it makes washing hair so much easier!

It comes with a tear free comfort edge which is simply a rubber edging, this gets popped up against your little ones head and sits comfortably whilst stopping the water from running into their eyes. At under £5 I don’t know whey we didn’t buy one sooner.

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