*Review* Dulux Bedroom in a Box

Kayleigh and  Ethan have had the same bedroom since it was turned into the nursery 6 years ago, although it wasn’t too babyish, it wasn’t really for growing children. So when we had the chance to review the Dulux Bedroom in a Box I knew the kids would love it.

In the box you get, paint for the walls and woodwork, the mural you have chosen and the paste to put the wallpaper up.  Basically everything you need apart from the tools!

Dulux Bedroom in a Box

So on Saturday after collecting the few bits I needed, I set to work with the painting (those following us on nstagram may have seen me hard at work !)

Dulux Bedroom in a Box Dulux Bedroom in a Box Dulux Bedroom in a Box

The woodwork in the bedroom was already white but needed a fresh coat of paint, this didn’t take long and the satinwood covered the woodwork lovely.

I knew the walls would need two coats as the base colour was a brownish colour however I was pleasantly surprised at how well it covered with the first coat.

Dulux Bedroom in a Box Dulux Bedroom in a Box

Dulux Bedroom in a BoxTwo coats down, I let the room dry overnight. If I had started first thing in the morning I would have been able to paper in one day however it was getting late so I decided to paper the next day (read that as Daddy Vs Worked hung the wallpaper the next day!)

The wallpaper is pre-cut into 12 panels and rolled in order so you work from the top left across then the bottom left and across.

My biggest tip is to measure your wall!

I didn’t do it properly and thought it fitted the whole wall with bit to spare however this wasn’t the case and I had run out of paint meaning an expensive rush to b & q to buy another pot to finish the wall!

This was Daddy Vs Work’s first attempt at wallpapering and with me as his glamorous assistant we set to work together transforming the room.

Dulux Bedroom in a Box Dulux Bedroom in a Box Dulux Bedroom in a Box Dulux Bedroom in a Box

The panels are premarked and over lap by about 6mm each sheet to allow for a little movement when drying, We found it a little fiddly however we managed to get all 12 panels up within about 2-3 hours, The paper itself is good quality and hung well and has dried well too.

All in all it lines up pretty good considering our wonky walls!

Kayleigh and Ethan love their new room and I love how amazing it looks with something that even I could do! It gives the room a new lease of life and they have loved talking about their new room.

We finished the look with some blue curtains but are on the look out for a fishy rug and bedding!

Here is a little video I made during the makeover and also their reaction at the end, worth a watch!


We were provided with a Bedroom in a Box for the purposes of this review by Dulux and Tots100. You can find out more about the Bedroom in a Box range on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

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