Get creative and make your own child’s beanbag!

If you’re a crafty kind of person (and by that we mean creative and not a sneaky spy!) we think you’re going to love our step by step guide to creating your very own beanbag!

It really is very simple and once complete; you can start creating your very own comfy haven at home, whether that be in your living room, child’s bedroom or even a relaxing seating area in your garden.

What you will need:
• Two pieces of fabric (45” x 32” – you can make a bigger beanbag should you wish)
• One 22 inch zipper
• 3.5 cubic feet of bean bag filling
• Scissors
• Sewing machine
• Vacuum (because it’s probably going to get messy when you start with the filling!)

Step One

Start by cutting two pieces of fabric 45” x 32”. You can either go for two matching pieces of material or alternatively, opt for to different patterns to create a more quirky look.

Step Two

Next, turn both pieces of material so that the patterned/coloured sides are facing each other. Across each of the raw edges, create a zig zag stitch so that the material you are using doesn’t fray. Once you have done that, straight stitch the very same edges. Remember, a beanbag is often jumped on and thrown around, meaning it can often go through some wear and tear. It’s recommended, therefore that you using a small stitch length when going over the edges so that the seams are durable and stay intact. It needs to be securely in place.

Step Three

Once all of your edges have been tidied up and stitched together, fold the material over to match up the sewn edges.

Step Four

Take one corner, starting with the folded side and remove a total of 6” from the corner of the material.

Step Five

When you open the fabric back up, you should have a symmetrical curve on one side. Zig zag the raw edge and then use your straight stitch to close.

Step Six

The next step is to open up the remaining unsewn edge. Keep the right sides together and then fold in half the opposite way.

Step Seven

Grab your 22” zipper and sew it into the centre of the opening. Any zipper will work but if you don’t want it to be seen, we recommend that you use an invisible zipper. They are very easy to use and all you will need to buy is an additional piece an invisible zip foot attachment for your machine.

Step Eight

Finish adding your zipper by closing either side of the zipper with a straight stitch.

Step Nine (the fun and messy part!)

The exciting bit! Turn your beanbag so that it is the right side out and start to fill with beans (and we don’t mean baked beans!). If you have made a beanbag using the recommended material size that we have given, then it is recommended that you use the same amount of beanbags we suggest too. Best way to manhandle this is to get two people to hold the zipper open and a third person to pour them all in. If there is just you around…good luck, although a jug is always a good option. Scoop and pour!


Step Ten

Once you’ve added all the beanbags, zip your invisible zipper up and you’re done! Welcome to your new, homemade chair!


Homemade beanbags are a great way to save money and also make great gifts for family members or friends, especially if you’re a bit strapped for cash and not sure about what to buy. And plus, there’s so much material available for you to choose from that you can make a suitable beanbag for every room in and outside yours and your friends and family members’

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