*Review* Sian’s Plan

If you are anything like me, you enjoy cooking but lack inspiration and ideas to get you started. Plus after a day at work the last thing you want to do is flap around in the kitchen whilst you come up with something to cook, then stand there cooking.

We all know meal planning is the way to go, not only in saving time but also saving money but regardless of how many cook books I have, I struggle to find 7 recipes for the week and stick to it.

This is where Sian’s Plan comes in.

It is your one stop shop for feeding your family.

On the site you are able to meal plan for 5-7 days, with recipes, instructions and even shopping lists for it all.

Once registered you start with a selection of recipes, for a few pound you are able to add more recipes to you recipe collection if you wish.

Sian's Plan

Then at the beginning of the week before you do your shop, simply create your meal plan for the week by dragging over the recipes you’d like to cook.

The meals are also colour coded for you:

  • Red day recipes are main meals under 35 minutes and provide 4 portions. They use healthy cooking methods and healthy ingredients.
  • Green day recipes encourage you to use leftovers. This saves you money and reduce food waste. All green day recipes can be made using Sian’s Store Cupboard ingredients but are designed to be flexible so you can throw in any leftovers you have. Like red day recipes, they are under 35 minutes and provide 4 portions.
  • Blue day recipes tend to take longer than 45 minutes (e.g.. Lasagne, Stews) and make at least 8 portions. So on a blue day you cook double what you need. This gives you a day off from cooking (white day)

  • Some days we can’t or don’t want to cook. There’s nothing wrong with that. On a white day you may reheat a blue day meal or even eat out.

It really is super simple.

I love the way you can pull together the meal plan and it gives you your shopping list for the week, that’s one job I hate doing!

Sians plan

Depending on how you pay (monthly or yearly) it works out at just £1.50/£1.00 a month for Sian’s plan, so for way less than a takeaway a month you can create tasty food for your family without any stress at home.

A great idea and I’m sure it will become a lifesaver in the kitchen for many!


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