Alternative features for your garden

When it comes to revamping your garden, you don’t have to stick with the classic garden gnome or green garden shed. Why not opt for some alternative features and make your outside space stand out from the crowd? With a little imagination you could have a yard to be proud of, so check out these innovative ideas and try your hand at some landscaping.

Coloured mulch

These days, companies such as provide a wide range of coloured mulch that’ll not only improve the fertility and health of your soil but will also enhance the visual appearance of the area. While double ground woodchips bring natural earthy tones to you garden, brighter shades of red, blue and green will look fantastic on flowerbeds and work as a more decorative feature.

Water fountains

The sound of water is wonderfully relaxing when enjoying your outdoor space, so it’s worth investing in a unique water feature or fountain. You’ll find plenty of inspiration online from quaint little waterfalls to beautiful rock pools and you can even plumb your own vase for a personal touch. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of space, as these breath-taking designs can be as small or as large as you please. Remember water makes a better sound when falling from a height, so build your design upwards rather than outwards to save room.

Vertical gardening

Vertical gardening has stemmed from larger buildings installing green walls, such as the Rubens Hotel in London. These buildings harvest rainwater from the roof to feed the plants and provide green space in an urban environment. Living walls are great for cleaning the air and look stunning when there is little space for flowerbeds.

While on the subject of space saving, vertical gardening is ideal for those with small balconies, patios or yards. Sure, you might not have acres of land or stunning lawns or a rainwater harvesting system on your roof to feed plants, but there’s plenty of ways to brighten up your environment. Vines, for instance, will creep up fences and trellises and could easily become a focal point, if cared for properly. They’ll also help cover unattractive features in your landscaping, such as utility boxes or garden sheds with perennial vines lasting a long time.

Unique storage features

The right storage solutions can make or break a garden – after all rusty sheds and tatty furniture is not aesthetically pleasing. The good news is you can now buy a range of feature storage options that will keep your garden looking glamorous all year round. Elaborate wooden log stores are ideal if you’ve a wood burner or log fire and then there’s a great range of weather proof cupboards, outside boxes and garden swings with under seat storage.

Sprucing up your garden is easier than you think and really doesn’t take up too much time, so it’s well worth giving these ideas a go.

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