Getting ready to party with Feather Grey

Kayleigh and Ethan have never really been into Halloween however this year something has changed!

They can’t wait to get dressed up and have a little party with their friends to celebrate and luckily for us we have received the fab Halloween Kit from Feather Grey


I’ve been pinning lots of exciting Halloween food to have at our spooky party and they will look great on these plates.

Once our party is over I will have a full post on the products but I have to say the quality of the items we have received is great. Every item was carefully packed to ensure it arrived safely and they all look amazing, I can’t wait to set the table and the theme!

At £15.95 you get :

  • Six black stripe party plates
  • Six black stripe paper cups
  • Six cupcake toppers
  • Six black stripy baking cups
  • Four orange stripy paper straws
  • Four black stripy paper straws
  • A selection of six black and orange polka dot balloons
  • Fifty black star table confetti
  • Six orange stripy paper trick or treat bags

All ready for the party! The quality of the items do stand out and really look the part.

Feather Grey however do more than just the Halloween box. Looking around their site they have got some other great items such as retro milk bottles and little desert pots.


There is lots of exciting bits on their site and I could spend a small fortune, especially seeing they are looking to launch a wedding range. I can’t wait to share with you how our party goes and how our table looks fantastic!

Make sure you have a look over at Feather Grey if your looking to host a party in the near future

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