Dreaming of warmer shores and magical moments

Brit mums have asked us to share our dream destination, one we’ve visited or wish to visit in the future.

Now we love Lanzarote in this household and have been for the last 2 years and will be returning next year.

But the one place I’d really love to visit is the magical Disney World Florida.

I wouldn’t tell the kids though like we did the first time they ever flew (we told a porky that we had to return nanny’s bags to the airport!) :

However now they are a lot bigger I’m sure the thought of going to Disney world would send them into hysterics!

Working for an airline in the past I’ve seen the brochures where you can visit and stay and the one that really stood out back then and I’d love to visit would be Disney Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom  Lodge
I wouldn’t want a standard room, I’d love our room to be watching over the animals. So as the sun rose or set in the evening you could watch the animals go about their daily life.

Then there is the parks!

Where do I start?!

For me Disneyworld wouldn’t be… well Disney without a trip to the Magic Kingdom.

With so much to see and do I think we’d have to plan our visit, I know top of Kayleigh’s list would be to meet Anna & Elsa!

If money was no object I think i’d give the Ultimate Day for Young Families VIP Tour a go, as people I know have been have said how much the staff make the holiday even more magical and this would give the kids a chance to experience that one to one.

I’m certain there would be enough there for us to spend quiet a few days in there alone!

Another thing top of my list would be to swim with dolphins. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I would love to experience this.

Oh and experience the safari tour!

So that’s the parks and places to visit but there is still more.

I’d love to sit down and eat one of those yummy looking pulled pork sandwiches you see on Man vs Food, I’ve not found anywhere in the UK that does sandwiches like they do in USA and every time I watch that show I plan on what I want to try when we visit!


Then there is the shopping…

I can’t imagine anything better than the biggest Disney store ever, not sure that a) my bank balance would be that allowing and b) customs would allow it but I’d love to bring lots of memories home with us from there. Plus a shop dedicated to Disney Christmas…. who wouldn’t want to shop in there?!

So there is my dream holiday, it would be a once in the lifetime holiday.

The kind that create memories that could never be taken away.

Ones the kids fall asleep smiling because of the magic, the one where you never want it to end but know the memories never will.

We will make it one day, with a lottery win we could make it next year for our honeymoon. The only thing I’m sure of is I’d need a bigger memory stick for my camera to make sure we have plenty of the memories in pictures.

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