Christmas gift ideas for kids

Ok so the adults are done, now your turning your attention to the kids and where do you start?!

I shared with you a while ago our top toys from Mattel but there is so much on the market, its become a bit of a headache shopping!

We’ve been through every store, online shop and forum looking for the best toys and offers but also toys that will bring lots of fun after Christmas too!

Here are our top picks :




The Story Telling game : As a brilliant Christmas gift for budding Jackanorys, the Story Telling Game is a winner with children who love to tell tall, short, fairy or scary stories.

This fast-paced game will be a best-seller for children aged six upwards who have a vivid imagination, a competitive streak and are quick thinking. Get rid of words, tell a story and beat the buzzer – The End.

SRP: £10.95

Shop ‘Til You Drop : It’s a trolley dash with a difference! Shop ‘Til You Drop is a great gift for those who love a good dose of retail therapy.

The die determines what gets dropped in and taken out of the trolley but be warned – overloading the trolley means it could collapse and taking it out the wrong way could send everything flying.

From a comb, car and teddy bear and to a hat, hamburger and drill – players will love stacking their trolleys with everyday items as directed by the die knowing that every move counts. Shopping’s never been so much fun thanks this fast-paced game for children

SRP: £14.95 Stockists: Amazon

Disney Frozen Smartphone – The 2014 movie phenomenon that was Frozen has captured the hearts of girls throughout the world. And now they can call Ana, Elsa and the rest of the characters from Arendelle with their own Frozen Smartphone.

Discovery mode will teach children all about the characters including Olaf, Hans, Sven and more, and they can learn numbers and colours using the Find, Say Hello, and Send a Message functions.

If children leave the phone idle for a few moments, it will automatically call them back. Suitable for 2years+.

£12.99 at John Lewis,,

Aqua Dragons – They became a hit in the UK last year and this Christmas sees the launch of spectacular new Aqua Dragons products to make your child’s Christmas even more eggs-iting!

The brand new Aqua Dragons Jurassic Time Travel set makes a great gift for children who love learning about the world around them. Aqua Dragons are prehistoric creatures that have been on Earth for millions of years and were even around at the same time as the dinosaurs! So what better place to grow them than in your very own Jurassic themed habitat?

Each kit contains eggs that hatch into real live aquatic creatures. Simply add water and they miraculously hatch in just 2-3 days and can then grow to up to 2cm long.

The Jurassic themed habitat will take pride of place in your child’s bedroom and includes a cracked-egg tank with a cute baby dinosaur sleeping in the base. Push the button on the base and watch the dinosaur blow air through the tank via a bubble pump. The set also features LED lighting which illuminates the tank at night. Also includes cool Aqua Dragon stickers, a colour poster, ownership certificate and instruction booklet. Batteries included. RRP £24.99 at Smyths

Bloco – These were a huge hit in our house and Ethan loves making his robots.

Fun for all ages they can follow the designs or make their own designs. These are a great addition to have under the tree or you can buy a smaller set for a stocking filler – you can grab these from Amazon in time for Christmas.

Orchard Toys Shopping List – Kayleigh received this for a birthday gift and both her and Ethan love it.

Be the first to fill your trolley with all of the items on your shopping list, in this fun memory game. Topping their top sales list for the last ten years, its easy to see why. A fun all round game for the whole family.

RRP – £7.50

This is just a few toys on the huge market this Christmas, happy shopping!

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