Broken Phone? 5 Occasions Your Mobile Phone Insurance Won’t Help You

The iPhone may be one of the most popular Smartphones on the market, but it can also be really expensive to repair if something goes wrong. The same applies to any type of smartphone. That is why many people choose to take out mobile phone insurance. However, did you know there are certain things that your insurance likely won’t cover? Below you’ll discover five different occasions where mobile phone insurance can’t help.

  1. Fraudulent calls

If your mobile has been stolen, you may not be covered if it has been used to make fraudulent calls. If you don’t report the phone stolen quickly enough this could mean you are left with a huge phone bill. It is even possible for the fraudster to make calls abroad, potentially racking up a bill worth thousands of pounds. Before taking out any mobile phone insurance, be sure to read the terms and conditions to see whether it includes fraudulent calls.

  1. Water damage

Apple are notorious for not providing cover for water damage. In fact, staff can tell exactly whether the fault has been caused by water damage and if it has they will refuse to fix the problem under your policy. If you find yourself in this position, there are affordable repair services available. LoveFone specialise in affordable iPhone and iPad repair.

  1. Stolen phone

Practically all mobile insurance policies state in the small print that the consumer needs to take good care of the phone. This includes keeping it with you at all times, or at least somewhere safe and out of view. For example, if you leave it next to you while travelling on the train and fall asleep, wake up and notice your phone is gone you won’t be covered by your insurance.

  1. If your phone is stolen and you aren’t injured

This is a tactic used by some insurers. They state in their small print that they will only pay out if significant force has been used to steal your phone. So if you are threatened, you hand your phone over and try and make a claim, your insurer wouldn’t cover you.

  1. If you wait too long to make a claim

You will usually have a certain amount of time to make a claim after something goes wrong. Therefore it is always best to make a claim as soon as possible. Did you know, for example, that some providers require you to let them know within 24 hours so they can block the phone? Report it as soon as you notice a problem.

These are just five ways your mobile insurance might not cover you. It is extremely important to read through the terms and conditions with a fine tooth comb before taking out cover. You might just be surprised by what isn’t included in the policy. Unfortunately most consumers don’t read the small print and insurers do take advantage of this by adding all kinds of loopholes. Don’t get caught out – read the terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid potential problems.

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