*Review* Shopkins So Cool Fridge Playset

We are huge Shopkins fans in this house and we already have the supermarket, bakery and countless shopkins!

So taking delivery of the new So Cool Fridge Playset was greeted with cheers in our household!

If you’ve never heard of Shopkins (not sure how!?) they are super cute, fun, small characters that live in a big shopping world Over 100 different Shopkins characters per series brought to life as the cutest collectible characters

The So Cool Fridge playset comes with  ice dispenser, an egg seesaw, fridge stickers and removable trays for plug and play. This playset also comes with 2 exclusive characters, 6 mini Shopkins eggs.


Kayleigh and Ethan loved this addition to their collection. The first thing they noticed was the tiny little eggs which are a new addition to Shopkins. They sit in the door with a little seesaw movement.

The other thing they liked was the ice dispenser, just the simple press of the button and the ice falls into the cup!

One addition I liked was the stickers for the fridge, they really liked being able to design their own fridge and make it their own. I think this was a great idea.

Shopkin Shopkin Shopkin

This has been a great addition to our other Shopkins and another thumbs up from our household!

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