Do you think toys should be gender specific?

If you have a little one you will be well aware of all the issues that have been in the news about making children’s toys less gender specific.

It would appear that little girls have to play with all toys that are pink and fluffy, even if its a board game that’s been around since the year dot. Boys are allowed to play with kitchens etc but they have to be blue.

Just madness.

Kayleigh and Ethan play with each others toys all the time, Kayleigh doesn’t care that Ethan’s nerf gun isn’t the “special” girls version, why should she? Just like Ethan doesn’t care that the new Little Live Pets that Kayleigh has just brought are pink.

In their eyes they are just toys. Something that brings them a little joy and a smile to their face.

I’ve played online MMO games for years and have always found female players to be a bit few and far between and never really understood why.

Recently though I’ve taken up Warhammer 40k, Daddy Vs Work has played for years and plays with my cousin and friends. It’s not really something you see or hear many girls talking about, but I don’t really care. If you’ve never heard of Warhammer 40k it is basically a table top army game, I wont bore you with all the details though!

We have just brought my first few models and Daddy Vs Work has kindly done the hard work of building (and painting one) and I had my first go at painting.

Of course though my colour scheme was never going to be traditional now was it?!

For my first model I didn’t think it was too bad…. now the next one to paint! 

Do you find it difficult to buy toys as they try to make them gender specific or do you think it’s improved over the last few years?

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