*Review* Barbie Princess Power

Today is National Super Hero Day! Which one is your favourite?

To celebrate this Kayleigh has been very lucky to have received the Barbie Princess Power DVD and toys to enjoy and make her own superhero stories.


In this film Barbie stars as Kara, a modern-day princess with an everyday life however one day she gets kissed by a magical butterfly and can transform into Super Sparkle which means she is able to save her kingdom when they need her. However she has a jealous cousin who catches the butterfly so she can get become super and soon the two girls become enemies.

Can they become hero’s together to save the kingdom from the real hero? You’d have to watch it to find out.

Kayleigh absolutely loved this film and everything about it. The fact it is a female superhero certainly got her attention too as she wanted to become one!


As well as the film Kayleigh received :

  • Barbie in Princess Power Super Sparkle doll
  • Barbie Super Transforming Vanity Playset
  • Barbie in Princess Power Chelsea and Scooter doll

All of these have been big hits! The super sparkle doll can magically transform from a princess with a beautiful skirt which with the press of a button this becomes her magical cape.

The vanity playset is the perfect station for all secret superhero’s. The table transforms from a dressing table into the HQ fit for a superhero. The mirror spins round and out up pops a secret control panel. Perfect to reply to those SOS calls.


Last but no means least was Chelsea and her scooter. Super Sparkles number one fan. She is a cute little doll that has her own cape and scooter.


These are a great addition to the Barbie family and sure to be on any Barbie fans!

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