Keeping costly hazards at home to the minimum

Owning your own home is a mixture of emotions, firstly their is the joy of it being yours and being able to do what you want to it (within reason) then there is the worries that come when you have to pay the mortgage and then comes the stress when something goes wrong in the home.

We’ve always found that it is just our luck that something expensive always goes wrong at the time when we have the least amount of spare cash that month.

It is scary and it can be stressful getting things resolved

L&G have created a great interactive home to show how you can prevent these costly mishaps from happening (it currently mentions that the feature is not accessible by non L&G policy holders however by simply leaving the interactive house policy number blank anyone can try it!). Not only does it help with the additional insurance covers that are available for the home but it also gives you some great tips on keeping your home safe as best as you can.

We do a number of the tips that they suggest such as keeping curtains closed in the evenings and the lights on if (on the very rare occasion!) we pop out at night. 

We have also started to put a little contingency away for home emergencies as a few years ago our boiler went in the middle of the winter on a sunday which cost a small fortune to get someone to come and look at it to get some heating back on and at that time we just did not have the money to really afford to get it done. So now we are trying to put some money aside a month towards these costs so we have the funds should they need to be covered however I know you can now get home cover to help with these sort of issues.

If you are looking for some suggestions on keeping your site safe head over to L&G for more great tips and suggestions.

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