You know you’re a parent when….

Being a parent is the most exciting, scary, rewarding, stressful job in the world. I doubt there is anything that even comes close to it if I’m honest.

However the reality of being a parent isn’t all pretty crafts and perfect bakes in this household, in fact let me share some of the best bits with you.

You know you’re a parent when….

  1. You learn to enjoy your cuppa cold as you never get a chance to drink it hot!
  2. You class getting up at 7am a lie in as you are normally up before the sun, bleary eyed and fulled by caffeine for the day.
  3. Being a ninja dancing through Lego becomes 2nd nature otherwise you are guaranteed to stand on it when checking in on the kids at bedtime.
  4. Just as you sit down to eat your breakfast/lunch or dinner one of the kids will need something doing and it will be so urgent that it just can not wait any longer, so like in number 1 you get used to eating your food cold!
  5. The moment you jump in a nice relaxing bath or shower after warning them you’ll be in the bathroom one of them will need the toilet and it wont be quick trip either….
  6. A succesful shopping trip is one where you get what you need and get home without any tantrums, breakages or costing a small fortune buying something they don’t need!
  7. You wait till either the kids are in bed asleep or out of ear shot of the kitchen to eat your favourite treat without sharing.
  8. You buy an extra box of your favourite ice creams and hide them in another draw of the freezer so the kids don’t eat them all!

See being a parent is the most rewarding thing in the world, if a little challenging.

However do you know what, I wouldn’t change a thing!

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