Christmas crafts with Baker Ross

Christmas is here and the kids are super excited but it also means that Baker Ross has sent us a bundle of Christmas goodies to get us into the festive mood with some crafts.

Now I’ve said before, Kayleigh and Ethan love the items from Baker Ross as they are fun crafts to do however I love them as easy crafts to do! If you are like me, I’ve had more than my fair share of failed Pinterest craft attempts so these are perfect for me.

Baker Ross
In our pack this time we had a bundle of festive items :

  • Christmas Personalised Door Hangers
  • Penguin Stained Glass Effect Decorations
  • Reindeer Wooden Photo Frames
  • Christmas Bucket Buddies Kits
  • Build A Snowman Kits
  • Fibre Tip Pens
  • Penguin Mini Bean Pals

The kids got straight on to the crafting with the door hangers, these are really good quality but also a great price too. The kids loving doing these and found them great fun. They coloured their ones in with the fibre tip pens which didn’t go through the hangers but gave them a bright colourful design.

Baker Ross

We also had fun decorating our Christmas bucket buddies. Like other kits, lots of this kit is prepared for the little ones and it just allows for them to design the item how they like. Kayleigh and Ethan decided they were going to follow the instructions and I was able to just watch as they had fun creating these little bucket buddies.

They have also made the snowman kits which now sit underneath our Christmas tree as a beautiful decoration. These were simple to make too as Kayleigh and  Ethan glued the head to the body and simply decorated once it was dry.

Baker Ross Baker Ross
We still have a couple of crafting bits left to do which is ready for this weekend in the build-up to Christmas. Another great thing about these kits is you get multiple items to make it here, so in our craft box we have some of the items left to make should the kids wish to craft again which makes these great value for money.

If you are looking for some festive crafts for the school break coming up definitely head to Baker Ross.

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