*Review* Astro Joel Table Lamp

Our bedroom is not only our bedroom but it is also a place where I can blog and work freelance and Daddy Vs Work uses the desk to paint his various table top models.

However the only downside we have found is the lighting in the bedroom, due to the light being in the middle of the room it mean’t when it got dark outside and you were sat a the desk area there was a dark shadow over the desk which means that anything crafty or painted related become virtually impossible to do. We had tried a daylight bulb in a lamp and it was helping but not very attractive and made the desk look a little clumpy.

So when Ormrod lighting & electrical got in touch to offer to solve our problem, I was excited to see what they came up with.

We were kindly sent the Asro Joel table lamp in cream along with 2 LED Lamps that deliver a cool white light to give us the brightest light possible but keeping in the watts allowed in the lamp.

My first impressions of were very good, the lamp itself is extemely well made and it is a very classic design on the table. I love the way it looks on the desk as it is very compact but at the same time gives out enough light for what we want. The arm of the lamp is moveable so you can position it to give you the best lighting for what ever project you are working on.

The lamps we received are also perfect for the job, I was a little concerned at the light they would give out as they were only a 9 watt lamp and the other was 18 watts however I am please to say I was wrong, they let out the perfect amount of light and we would say they are probably actually better than the daylight lamp we had in there orignally.

We are both really impressed with this lamp not only in the light it gives out but also the style of the lamp overall.

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