*Review* Waff Combo Creative Journal Kit

Kayleigh and Ethan love toys and their computers however if there is one thing they love more it has to be notebooks and pens.

They have this thing where they love to be able to write what they have done that day or even write little notes which they slide under their bedroom door when they should be asleep!

So when they got offered the chance to review the Waff combo creative journal kit from Rooi, I knew they would both love it.

The journal kit is great for allowing yourself to not only be creative on the inside but on the outside too! The book is covered in a soft silicone cover which allows you to put the letter cubes (comes with the kit) on the front to personalise the book. They can be removed and replaced with another message whenever you want too.

Waff creative journal

Waff Journal
What is more fun is the fact that not only do you get a great selection from the kit iself to make lots of messages on the book but you can also now by emoji, glitter and maths sets to make your book even more creative.

Kayleigh and Ethan have loved these note books and Kayleigh loves taking her’s everywhere with her! They are great fun and would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves stationary. Thank you Rooi for the treat!




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