Tall people problems….

The summer is here, hooray!

That mean’s dinner al fresco(plus breakfast and lunch!), summer play in the paddling pool and if your children are anything like ours, they will be in need of a whole new wardrobe as they’ve had a growth spurt in all the rain over the last few months!

I haven’t even begun to buy their school uniform yet though, I wouldn’t even dare as I know they are growing so much. I love how much they are growing up and becoming independent however it is sad they are growing up so quick

Kayleigh over the last 6 months has really shot up and this means I am always shopping for Kids clothing. In fact I am pretty sure I spend more on kids clothing than I do on myself in a year.

This year though I have tried to find some lovely summer dresses but am really struggling! Being 5ft 9 and a bit makes clothes shopping a nightmare. If I am shopping for the kids, I could shop for hours, with me I get bored after the first 20 minutes.

I have found that certain stores that sell tall ranges seem to think that we only want to wear black or other stores just don’t stock tall ranges at all. Which means that the beautiful summer dresses become mini dresses and maxi dresses become above ankle length.

All I would like is a nice floaty summer dress that is my knee length…

To make matters worse it is 2 weeks until I go in for my foot operation and then that means I am likely to be in a cast for 10-12 weeks. This is bringing all sorts of issues with clothing now!

I am looking for either comfortable dresses which are long enough to wear whilst my leg is elevated or shorts which are nice fitting but can be put on over my cast.

I see me living in PJ’s for 10 weeks….

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