*Review* Simon Air

With the summer holidays in full swing, Kayleigh and Ethan are enjoying the long days of play.

However we are trying to limit their screen time and encourage them to read or play. They were both fortunate enough to receive Simon Air to give a try throughout the holiday.


The Simon Air game is a twist on the classic Simon game. Players watch the pattern appear then have to repeat the pattern which is done completely touch free. The unit is able to recognise if you follow the pattern by sensing the motions. This game can also be played as solo or 2-player mode.

Set up and the rules of playing are very simple and easy to follow, in a matter of minutes you can set up and go with this game. So its perfect for impatient little ones.

Although it has an age recommendation of 8+ Kayleigh and Ethan have both loved playing this game and are probably better at it than we are. You often hear them giggling away as they play it!

The game itself is all about memory (not so easy when you are getting old like me!)

You watch the pattern and then your repeat the pattern, as you get it right and move on with the level the pattern gets harder and a little trickier.

Overall it has been a huge hit in our household and I’m sure it will be popular on our family game nights too with friends! If you are interested in picking up Simon Air, it can be brought at Toys R Us or found over on Amazon.

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