Counting down to Christmas with Advent calendars

Counting down to Christmas with Advent calendars

As you have probably gathered by now I love Christmas. It’s not just the big day I love but the whole build up to the big day including the advent calendars.

You have to admit, as a kid growing up the best thing about December was having chocolate for breakfast! However advent calendars have come a long way since I was a kid (so have a lot of things to be fair!) and this year we are doing it a little bit differently.

I have told Kayleigh and Ethan that we will get them their chocolate calendars like usual. They have seen all the adverts for the other calendars you can get but they’ve been told they are out of budget this year but maybe next year.

What they don’t realise is as a special treat for doing so well at school and swimming this year we have treated them both to a surprise advent calendar which will appear on the 1st December!

Kayleigh’s advent – Smiggle advent calendar

Smiggle Advent Calendar

Ever since Smiggle opened in our local town centre Kayleigh loves everything about them! As a treat in moving into junior school she was allowed to get her first pencil case and back pack from Smiggle, since then nothing else comes close so I know she is going to love this when she see’s it.

Ethan’s advent calendar – Star Wars Lego

Last year you may remember the whole saga of the Star Wars Lego advent calendars, they were so popular you couldn’t get one unless you paid double the RRP price for one. I did try to find them but at £25 normal price, paying double price was just not an option. So this year I didn’t waste any time in getting one, its already here and hidden ready for 1st December.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Amazon currently have them for £22.99 with free delivery if you are on the hunt for one!

My advent calendar – Yankee Candle

Now we all usually have a chocolate calendar (including the adults!) however this year there was an offer that popped up on my amazon feed. You got 2 Yankee Candles advent calendars for £23.99. Now I know they were last years advents however I went half on the costs with my friend which meant I got my advent for just £12! These have now gone up in price however there is still a great selection out there to pick from.

Yankee Candle Advent

Also have a look on Groupon as they always seem to be putting up Yankee Candle offers!

Have you gone for any special advent calendars this year?

There seems to be more and more selection coming onto the market each year, its soon going to be impossible to pick!







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