New year, new car?

This year has not been kind to us on the car front.

Thankfully ours is still running but costing over £200 to get through its MOT and then last week it needed the rear break discs and pads replacing, just before Christmas has got us thinking about how economic our car is.

We need a car to get to and from work and all the other bits the kids get up to throughout the week however our car (as well as it has done) just isn’t really economical for us to run anymore and I think it will come to a point where we will have to replace her (yes its a her, not got a name though!). Our car however is just to big for what we need now, it has a huge boot which was great when we had 2 toddlers however now we just need more of a standard boot and space for two booster seats in the back.

My dream car is an Audi R8 Spyder, pink would be preferred however I’ll take it in any colour! However back to reality, not in price range nor family friendly.

However Audi do have a great new family car out the Q2 and this review by Spire Automotive gives you a full run down of its great features. This compact SUV comes with all the features for a busy family such as space in the back and boot, air conditioning and DAB radio. It also looks amazing!

audi_q2_image_4 audi_q2_image_7 audi_q2_image_9

Engine sizes start at 1.0 litre which is great for fuel consumption, road tax and insurance. So you can save some pennies, whilst driving round in comfort and a style.

When it comes to family cars, what is your must have? Does it come down to the running costs or is it more to do with the features that come with the car?

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