Making grown up decisions

Growing up, something as a kids you can’t wait to do but when you start to get older you wish to turn back the clock!

It just seems you don’t appreciate the time you have and within a blink of an eye years have passed and you have no idea where they have gone.

From your first day at college or a new job or even the time you have your first time you book one of your professional driving lessons (scary to think I’ve been driving for over 10 years now, how can I be that old!), time doesn’t stop.

Then as children come along, mortgages and holding down a career, those decisions become important. Some even life changing which effect your whole family. Your life perspective seems to change and there becomes pressure on you, grown up pressure not to make those responsible decisions.

So what do you do when you make a decision that is scary, likely to be challenging, some would possibly say impossible?

Normally I would probably rationally talk myself out of it. Head over heart decision, one that my responsible self would stick to the logically answer.

Not this time.

This time the decision has been made, its one that will possible cause lots of stress in the coming months however one that will be life changing hopefully in the long run.

I am this year planning on running two blogs, one for my life and food loves and the other for my money blog posts. It will hopefully be somewhere that people can report back to in a bid to help their finances out, either earning more or saving more.

It will be a place where I hope that people can learn to love the life they have and have the freedom to live the life they want, in the same way I hope it brings our family the freedom as a family to appreciate the most valuable thing in life, time.

So if you are at a crossroad or making tough decisions, remember, Don’t just fly, soar!

Decisions - Don't just fly, soar

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