Creating that calming space

Life lately is really stressful for us at the minute.

In fact that is an understatement at the minute but we’ll get through it, we always do!

So what do I do when I am stressed?

I plan and set myself goals on where I want to be in the next 3, 6 or 9 months. I find focusing my mind on something else gives me the chance to clear my mind.

On my mind at the moment is our bedroom.

I need to create a place where we can shut the door and relax, leaving the worries outside.

Currently it is a dumping ground, the one room of the house where things get shoved when there is no where else to put them.

It is far from calming and most definitely not bright, airy and relaxing.

This will all hopefully change in the next 12-18 months and I can’t wait.

Here is a few of my ideas so far:

  • Everything has its own space – So I don’t want clutter anywhere, I want things put away in the right places (or just behind a cupboard that I can’t see!)
  • Light – I’m thinking of colours like whites, greys, light blues etc. Anything to bounce the light around the room.
  • Skylight – We live in a bungalow so if I could get a skylight put in that would be amazing natural light coming into the room.
  • Inspiring place to work – I’d like a desk area other than the dining room table that I can get inspired and get back into blogging. Somewhere I can shut the door and just work on things.
  • Candles – I love candles and somewhere to put a few and light whilst working/relaxing is perfect.
  • Solid oak bedroom furniture – We have a few peaces of solid oak furniture in the house and it lasts so much longer than the cheaper alternative. I would like to get some in the bedroom and really like the white painted oak furniture at the minute.

Creating that calming space

Lots of thoughts and ideas but still a long way to go. I just can’t wait to create that space where we can unwind from the daily stresses of life and just chill.

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