*Review* Animal Jam Series 2

With the half term almost upon us, you are probably thinking about the best ways to keep the kids entertained.

Now as well as days out and movie days in there is a new series of Animal Jam out which is perfect for little ones.

Animal Jam was created by WildWorks as part of a collaboration with National Geographic Society. The aim was to create a fun place for children to learn to explore nature and how we can help protect it. Their site is created for kids with the adult piece of mind that comes along with it.

Let your children learn and explore in a safe way.

Alongside their site they have a great range of toys, Kayleigh and Ethan were lucky enough to receive some of these to play with. With each of these toys you get a code to put in your online account which unlocks more fun content.

The toys themselves are great as the range is from pocket money to more of a gift. So perfect for little ones who may have a bit of pocket money they would like to use.

If you have a fan of Animal Jam you can also download some great printables for them to colour in. Perfect for the half term which is almost here!

We are big fans of the whole Animal Jam range and think its great that you can build your own little collection at home and online at the same time. If you are looking for them, you can now buy series 2 which have launched recently.

I can see this range being hugely popular and keep expanding for years to come!


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