Giving the kids their own space

Kayleigh and Ethan love sharing a room but we are almost ready to give them their own space.

In the coming months we are finally going to get round to starting our home. Due to a number of reasons we have decided against the extension of our home however we are going to rejig our internal walls to make an additional bedroom.

This then will give the kids their own space to shut the door and just chill out. Currently as they share a bedroom they have a tendency not to go to sleep….

With the new rooms being smaller than their current room we are having to do a bit of research on the best options for furniture that will optimize the space.

Out first thoughts are to go with high sleeper beds. Looking on Love The Sales there seems to be a wide range of options for us to pick from. The ones I am looking at currently would give the kids some storage space and a pull out bed ready for their friends staying over.

As the space is going to be quiet limited we are going to make sure we make the best of all the space. The plan is to keep the floor space as clear as possible and make sure we use light colours to bounce the colours around.

Kids room - Space

The kids are both looking forward to having a say in what they would like in their room. One thing they do want is somewhere to keep their books and chill out in a chair with a good book. As we start to build the rooms though I am sure they will have their own opinions on what they do or don’t want to have!

I can’t wait to get started so the kids can have their own space but also so they can feel more involved in the design.

Via love the sales. It is a great site to get the best offers on all your favourite brands.




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