Wise Words Wednesday with Phil

The great thing about our Wise Words Wednesday is we get to introduce you to a wide range of bloggers. Some have been blogging for a while and others like Phil have been blogging for just a little while.

I think it is a good way for our readers who would like to start a blog or maybe have only just started a blog to get some inspiration from others in a similar position.

So I’m going to hand you over to Phil who will share more on his journey in the blogging world.

Tell us a little bit about you & your blog:

My name is Phil and I blog over at moneylessman.co.uk.  My blog serves as a way for me to document my journey from £35,000 of debt to a debt free life as quickly as possible.  As well as providing weekly and monthly updates on my progress, I also post about ways to earn and save money.  You’ll find me interacting with as many people as possible over on Twitter.

What inspired you to start blogging?

I’ve dabbled with blogging in the past on a less personal level, and I knew that it would make me accountable to the big wide world.  Having a slight pressure to consistently reach new targets is a wonderful way for me to remain motivated to hit my final goal.

I also wanted to feel like I wasn’t alone on my journey.  By sharing my story with everyone and anyone, it doesn’t seem such an isolated challenge.

What has been your highlight of blogging?

Moneyless Man has only been around for a short while, but I’ve already enjoyed sharing my progress updates with the world.  I’ve received many lovely comments of support and advice from people on the blog and through social media.  It’s kept my morale sky high, and this is without doubt my highlight of blogging.

Is there anything you have learnt about blogging which you wish you knew when you started out?

I have learned that social media has an enormous impact on blog traffic.  Although I’m used to using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram daily, I am yet to fully understand Pinterest.  I wish I’d have spent a little time getting to grips with the platform before I’d started to post.

Bloggers sometimes get a lot of stick however many work really hard and are reaping the rewards, what has been the most rewarding part of blogging for you?

The most rewarding aspect so far is that the blog is doing exactly what I’d hoped it would.  It is keeping me accountable, and maintaining my motivation to reach my targets.  The blog itself doesn’t provide me with any income at this early stage, but it’s a great feeling to post progress updates.

What would be your 1 tip you would give all new bloggers starting out?

I would tell people to simply be themselves.  Don’t try to force a personality that doesn’t come naturally to you into your posts.  That’s difficult to maintain, and it’s often easy to tell when someone is doing it.  By being yourself, you’ll have much more fun with the entire process, and will create something to be proud of.

It’s also worthwhile to spend some time interacting with other bloggers on social media.  They can be some of the most supportive people you’ll find, and many of them will offer words of encouragement and advice as you go along.

Who do you find inspiring to read/watch in the blogging world?

I read quite a lot of blogs now, and have had some great interactions with other bloggers, but there are a few that stand out to me.  Katy at Katykicker, Francesca over at From Pennies to Pounds, and Jon from The Money Shed are three blogs I spend a lot of time reading.  They’re full of useful information about earning and saving extra money, and they’re all really nice people, too!

Lastly – do you have any big plans/dreams for your blog in the next 12 months?

This is the first time I’ve written this down, but I’m hoping to clear my entire £35,000 of debt over the next year.  It’s an ambitious target but that’s fine! If I can provide some worthwhile content for people in a similar situation to mine along the way, then I’ll be really content. 

Thank you for taking to the hotseat this week Phil!

WWW Phil

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