Fun ways to keep you and your work friends motivated in the office

Staying motivated in the office can be challenging sometimes, especially when the work is piling up and our non-work friends are off on their summer holidays. Yes, we can create those to-do lists and goals for ourselves each day or week, but they aren’t so motivating when the list seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. And, while ticking tasks off that list can be satisfying, it isn’t that much fun. It’s also kind and caring to not just look out for number one, but think of ways to motivate your work friends, when things might be getting on top of them too.

Thankfully, there are many fun things you can do to help motivate you and your closest colleagues. From incentives company Corporate Rewards, here are some fun ways to keep you and your work friends motivated in the office.

Organise a cinema trip

Who doesn’t love a trip to the cinema? It’s a fun event that never seems to go out a style, even when the movie you go to watch isn’t all that. Organising a trip to a cinema near to the office, with your friends at work, can give you all something to look forward to at the end of a busy day, motivating you to plough on till home time. It can also help start, break up, or end a challenging week on a high. Enjoying the experience with your work friends can feel quite special too.

Go for a team walk

Having a decent break during the working day is so important, not matter how busy you are, and even better when it involves a bit fresh air and exercise. So why not arrange for you and some of your team work friends to go for a walk during your lunch break. You might work in quite a scenic area too, like close to a park, canal or lake, ideal for a nice walk. Even just a 20-minute stroll can help you relax and break up a busy day. Afterwards, when you’re back at your desk, you should have a new burst of energy and feel motivated to tick off those tasks on that daunting to-do list.

Arrange a bake-off

A bake-off can break up a busy week nicely, and give you and your colleagues something challenging but fun and light to focus on – than perhaps brain-taxing accounts and reports. It also provides some tasty treats for you to enjoy with your work friends. It’s worth asking your boss if you can hold one in the office to help motivate the team. This could involve each participant baking at home over a weekend and then bringing their cakes into the office the following day to be judged. If your boss isn’t so keen, perhaps have the bake-off judging in your house instead.

Go out for a team breakfast or lunch

During those particularly busy weeks at work, it can be tempting at just eat at your desk come lunch time. But not having time away from the office and your computer screen can make the day feel longer, making you feel tired and demotivated too. Instead, why not invite your work friends out for a team lunch one day to help get people out of the office, break up the day and keep up motivation. And if lunch times really aren’t convenient, try arranging to get together for breakfast at your local cafe instead. It can give you a good start to the day and that little boost you all might need before heading to the office.

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