The best course to take your blogging to the next level

Over the past few years I have brought a few of the blogging courses that you see popping up. Most of them have been helpful however most them have been US based and aimed at their market and the campaigns they run there so although they are good for information, it doesn’t always reflect how blogging works in the UK.

When I heard Emma from EmmaDrew.Info was about to launch a new course, I knew this would be much more suitable for me as a blogger.

I’ve known Emma for a few years now and her blog and drive to succeed has always been inspiring to me. She has always been a great source of advice in the world of blogging and this course has put everything she knows down onto paper so that others can pursue their careers in blogging.

Her course is called Turn Your Dreams Into Money – How to Build a six-figure Blog and Live the Life You Want. The whole purpose of the course is to build your blog (be it new or established) into a blog to allow you to live the life you want, this may be as a full time blogger or even just part time.

The course is broken down into over 20 modules, with over 100 lectures, so it is perfect for those with lots of other commitments as you can work your way through all the modules at your own pace and you don’t feel like you will lose track of where you are. With everything from creating the best posts you can, social media and making money, everything is covered in here. It also comes with bonuses worth over £700! 

For someone like me who has hit a bit of a stalemate in blogging, this course has given me a boot up the bum.

You may think after 6 years I should probably know the things that come up in blogging courses but thing evolve all the time, you are always learning. This course has taught me that.

It has also taught me not to rest on my laurels. Although I may know about things in the blogging world, I’ve never known how to take that information and put it into practise.

Now I do.

Following on from this course I have redesigned my media pack and rates card thanks to the bonus that comes from the course.

I have also got some amazing collaborations lined up for the coming weeks.

With the confidence and abilities I have taken from this course, I have put into place a plan for my blog on where I want to take it, what I would like to achieve and how I am going to get there.

This is the best blogging course I have taken and from this I feel that both of my blogs are only going to go from strength to strength.

I managed to catch up with Emma briefly this week to talk to her about her course.

What inspired you to start your course?

I hit a really big blogging milestone earlier this year when my blog reached six-figures a year. Along the way I have loved helping others to create and grow their blogs into successful businesses. The course came about from a lot of people wanting a more formal approach to learning my blogging secrets. I wanted to be able to engage with students – not only by giving them access to my course, but also having a Facebook mastermind group.

Which module is your favourite?

My favourite module is “Growing and Serving Your Tribe”. It feels very American but I have found that if I put my audience, and their needs first, I get results. Serving others and helping them to improve their financial situation has been the key to growing my blog into a six-figure blog. In this module I not only explain the importance of having and serving your Tribe, but also how you can serve them well.

How do you stay motivated when working?

I’ve been blogging full time for almost two years and I still struggle to maintain a routine. I change it up however often I need to – sometimes planning my day in hour slots is what I need, and sometimes I can’t stand having a timetable.

Taking a break from working is a great motivator too. There will always be something else to do – that’s the nature of blogging and being your own boss. The best still to learn is to know when to pull yourself away and go and do something else. It could be just setting off the dishwasher for five minutes right the way through to having a holiday. Plus I find that being away from work helps me to come up with lots of ideas to grow my business.

What would be your top tip for anyone starting out on the blogging journey?

Progress, not perfection. We can all get paralysed by comparing ourselves to others in the industry – trust me, I’ve been there. Stop aiming for perfection and get something done.

You should also have clear expectations – blogging is a very rewarding hobby or career path, but it takes a lot to get there.

Working for yourself is the most rewarding job, how do you celebrate your success over the last year?

It definitely is! When you work for yourself you don’t have a manager congratulating you, so it is really important that you acknowledge and celebrate your achievements.

I celebrate the “small stuff” with time off, or having a date with my husband, and the big stuff by treating myself to a big purchase or going away.

Have you had any inspiring stories from those who have taking your courses (this one and your free one?)

My six-week free money making course ( has had over 1,000 students and I’ve seen amazing success, including people being able to quit their jobs entirely to earn money from home.

Turn Your Dreams into Money: How to Build a Six-figure Blog and Live the Life You Want has already had such an impact on the students. One student has landed her first sponsored post and another is launching a second blog. It is a really exciting time to be blogging!

What is your big goal now your course has launched?

I want to help the students enrolled, and future students to turn their blogs into successful businesses. And maybe relax a little after creating the course!

Emma’s course, is £197 which can be paid in 1 or 2 installments, now I know some may be unsure on the cost of this but I can let you know I have paid a lot more for other courses that I have taken which have much less in them so this is a great price.

What’s more if you order before the 25th August and use the discount code PAYJUST147 you will save yourself £50 on the course price! So be quick if you are planning on getting the course!

I was fortunate enough to receive access to the course for this review but it in no way influenced my post, this is hands down the best blogging course on the market!

Best blogging course to take your blog to the next level

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