Things to consider when trying to achieve your dream home

Your home is so important to your happiness. It’s the place you come back to, the place memories are made and where you feel the most relaxed.

However how far would you go to achieve your dream home?

With the costs of homes in the UK increasing every day it is getting harder to get onto the ladder and even when you are on there, like us, it is even harder to move up as the prices are just increasing too much out of our price range.

There is always the option of extending your home but with costs of this still high one thing that has been on our mind is the option to maybe build our own home.

Things to consider when trying to achieve your dream home

This would be the ultimate dream but also the only way to really ensure that we would end up with the home that is suitable for us.

So, if you are considering building your dream home what do you need to consider?

  1. Prepare your budget – Before you even start considering building your home make sure you have the right budget in place to get you from start to finish. You need to make sure you also allow extra cash for things that may crop up not in your budget. Always focus on your choice of material as this can have a huge impact on costs involved. Opt for clear perspex sheets when possible and you will save a fortune.
  2. Do you research – this is not only for the land and the area but also the companies that you will be hiring. You want to make sure your dreams are understood by the firms you work with and you trust their abilities to complete the job.
  3. Take out building insurance – Make sure you research into specialist building insurances that deal specifically with building work from scratch. Although you hope that you will never need to use it however having it there is always piece of mind.
  4. Consider using a project manager – If you have a full-time job you may want to consider using a project manager to oversee the build. Of course, you want to visit the site often whilst the work is being undertaken however you will need someone on the ground just to make sure everyone is on site when they need to be, taking deliveries etc.

These are just some tips on building your own home but there is also so much more to it.

Things to consider when trying to achieve your dream home

Before you even get to the stage in the steps above you need to start thinking about so much more. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? What are the must have things in your home? Where do you want to live?

However even though there is lots of stress and lots of planning involved it will be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. Having a home that is perfect for your family with everything in the right place will create such a happy place to live, it would be the home you would grow old in if you don’t outgrow it.

What is your top tips for getting your dream home?

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