It’s time to #Embrace your amazing body – Mutu Blogger Ambassador

Earlier in the week I was kindly invited to London to attend a special Mutu System blogger event as part of their ambassador program I am now part of.

Firstly, for me to make it to an event is very rare, my anxiety tends to rear its head and I have turned down so many opportunities over the years (I will do a full post on it later in the month).

However, when I decided to go full time on the blog I made a vow to try and push outside my comfort zones and that is what I did, I’m so please I did!

As part of the event we were invited to watch the film Embrace. Following Taryn Brumfitt as she travels the world to look at our obsession with what we see as “body perfect”, it really was an eye opener.

With a survey showing that 91% of women hate their bodies it really is something that affects so many people. The scary thing was though how many young girls hate their bodies, what has happened to a carefree childhood? When as a world did we become obsessed with what someone should or shouldn’t look like?

As a mother of a 9-year-old, I am aware of what people think, say and act. I am aware of how magazines, celebrities, films, tv shows and so much more become an influence in an everyday life. We are also partly responsible for it, how many times have you said “if I could just lose a few pounds here” or “I’m watching what I eat as I’m putting the pounds on”.

The film has opened really opened my eyes to it though, the only ones that can change this is ourselves. We are the ones that have to say, “do you know what that photoshop picture isn’t reality”. Not put the pressure on ourselves to turn back the aging clock.

We are the ones to say, enough is enough. Little girls should be loving the life they live, not worrying about how slim they are or if their makeup copies the latest Z lister.

But it’s not just our children we have to do this for, it is for us too. Our bodies are amazing, they help us get through everyday tasks, they let you live a life that too many take for granted. Mine have given me two healthy children which was an amazing blessing.

I am never going to get back that size 6 body I had when I was 18, the clock is not going to go back to that without a lot of sacrifices. Sacrificies I’m not prepared to do.

Life is for living and that’s what I intend to do with it!

I have joined up with Mutu System and their blogging ambassador program in which I will be trying out their system over the next 12 weeks.

This isn’t a diet program, it doesn’t promise you a six pack and dropping 3 dress sizes in the next few months.

The lovely Wendy Powell, who I had the pleasure to meet on Tuesday, has created this to give mums their body confidence back. It’s there to make sure that everything is working as it should be so you can live your life to the full, as you should do! ?

So, you know that peeing when you bounce on the trampoline or sneeze (it’s not something you should accept just happens!), it’s here to help you strengthen the pelvic floor and your core to help it stop.

Of course, if you follow the plan and stick to a healthy diet all around it will help to shift the mummy tummy and help strengthen your core.

Most importantly though it is here to help you love your body again and trust that it is fit and strong.

I will be starting my plan on Monday and if you would like to join in along with me you can get yourself 15% off the program using the code EMBRACE15 at the checkout. If you would like to follow other bloggers taking part make sure you check the lovely Jenny from Midwife and Life out! She is also a Mutu Ambassador taking part in this too & here is her round up on our trip to London.

If you are going to take a little something from this post, please take this.

It's time to #Embrace your amazing body - Mutu Blogger Ambassador

I am teaming up with Mutu System on this blogger collabroation and did receive the system for a fair review and compensation for my time on Tuesday however all thoughts are my own.

It's time to #Embrace your amazing body - Mutu Blogger Ambassador




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