Christmas gift guides 2017 – Dogs

With all the excitement from the kids in the build up to the Christmas we can’t leave out our other family members – the dogs!

This year is our first year of having Daisy at Christmas, so it is fingers crossed tightly that the tree remains untouched!

With lots of use now having dogs as pets and treating them as members of the family I’ve put together a little gift guide on treats you can get them.

Christmas features here – With the winter weather turning colder these Equafleece dog jumpers are perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages. Helping to insulate during the cold weather and keep them dry, these are great to keep your winter walks going. We have received one for Daisy and once she has recovered from her operation I will share it across our social media!

Christmas features here – Christmas flavours – With Christmas food a plenty, what about our little fur family members? Canagan are renowned for their dog food however they also do some flavours which are perfect for Christmas such as the Turkey and Duck dinner. Why not treat your dog to a little bit of yummy food this Christmas!

Christmas features here – Ok I know these are not technically dog gifts but it’s doggy related! If you are like me and fed up of your dog lead being dumped in a draw, this is the perfect gift. This cute bone shaped lead holder from A Place For Everything, can be attached to the wall making it practical and looking great!

Christmas features here – This is the one brand of toys we always buy as they seem to last the longest! Both our dogs are completely different. Our husky Red doesn’t play with any toys other than the squeaky Kong balls. Never has done even as a puppy! Daisy on the other hand loves everything and anything. If it is on the floor in this house, it’s hers! Kong do a great range of toys too, so there is something for everyone.

If you have a pet dog, do you buy them a Christmas gift? You can find all our other great Christmas features here is you are looking for inspiration.

Christmas gift guide 2017 - Dogs


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