Giving your blog a makeover starting with the Logo

When I started this blog, I had no idea the amount of work that would go in to it behind the scenes.

I’m not talking about the hours spent making sure the images are right, social media is scheduled or the emails being dealt with. I am talking about the maintenance of the site including the themes, plug in’s and widgets.

It has taken hundreds of hours over the years to keep the blog up to date and ensure that all the right disclosures etc are in place.

The longest part of it all though has been the blog design. Over the years there has been a few changes and tweaks done as I have gone along. At one point I did completely change the whole them however where do you start when it comes to a blog re-design.

For me it starts with the logo, this is the one thing people see the most as I use it across my social media as well as on my business cards and the blog.

If you are just starting out it might be a bit tough trying to think up your logo design, especially if like me you are not very artistic.

Logojoy is a great place to start with your logo and their quick and simple designs will look great on any site without breaking the bank.

The site itself is very easy to use, here is a quick overview of how they create your design:

  1. Start by entering your site name.
  2. Pick 5 logo’s you like – this is so they know what design aspects appeal to you.
  3. Pick a colour board – there is lots to pick from so something should stand out to you.
  4. Add a tagline – If you have one this can be added to the logo.
  5. Pick up to 5 symbols – these are simple symbols, you don’t need to add any if you do not want any in your logo.
  6. Browse from your generated logo -The site will now give you the logo’s it has generated to pick from, you can keep browsing until you find one you like.
  7. Finalise the details – once you have a design you like there its lots of choices to pick from with the final details from the colour scheme and font for example. So, you can really personalise it to your taste.

Only once you are entirely happy with your design do you pay for it. Here are the pricing options that the site offers.

This way you know exactly what you are paying for before you part with any of your hard-earned cash!

This site is a great way to get a logo you are happy with for a great price. With lots of customisable options to it is easy to see why so many people have used them!

I received a logo for my time on this review however all thoughts are my own

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