Do you make sure your car is prepared before a journey? #CarSafetyChecklist

For many of us our cars are an important part of our everyday lives, whether it be used occasionally for trips, every day for work or even the school run. However, do you make sure your car is in the best shape regularly?

I am the worst for doing this however with a slightly longer work journey coming up and the winter weather here for a while I am going to make sure I do!

Do you make sure your car is prepared before a journey? #CarSafetyChecklist

Here are some top tips for making sure your car is prepared and ready for your journey:

  • Fuel – An obvious one however makes sure you have more than enough fuel for the journey and any possible delays/alterations to your route. Trust me I have once ran out of fuel on the ramp to the petrol station and had to be pushed to the pump and it was the worst feeling!
  • Tyres – Firstly make sure your tyres are in good condition. If they are not in a good condition you should check out somewhere like Kwik Fit for new reasonably priced tyres. There site is extra helpful in making sure you have the right size tyre too. Also, don’t forget to check your tyre pressure is correct too.
  • Oil & water – regularly check the oil and water levels in the car. It can cause so much damage if these fall below the level required, putting your car off the road and costing hundreds of pounds!
  • Emergency kit – with the weather and traffic unpredictable in the UK it is worth keeping an emergency kit in the car. So, should you have to wait it out in the car for a few hours or even park up and walk, you have the right equipment to do so. This should include a small supply of food and drink, a torch, warm coat, snow shovel.

Do you make sure your car is prepared before a journey? #CarSafetyChecklist

This is just some of the top tips I have for a car safety checklist but there is so much more too. Don’t forget to make sure your car is regularly serviced and checked over, also it is worth investing in road side assistance just in case something did happen. No one wants to be stuck stranded by the roadside for hours without a clue!

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