*Review* Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Gamer

*Review* Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Gamer

Before we left for our holiday Hasbro Gaming kindly sent over their latest board game to review, Monopoly Gamer.

Now without a shadow of doubt, this household is a house of gamers. Both in the board game and electronic version. We know our stuff and what we would expect a game, especially from the classic of Mario.

Hasbro Gaming - Monopoly GamerHasbro Gaming - Monopoly Gamer
How did we rate this classic game being turned into a board game?

We loved it! It is not your traditional monopoly though, it has lots of twists.

The game itself comes with the board, 4 characters, coins, boss cards and the special character cards. You can get an additional 8 characters, but these are an additional cost (currently £3.49 each).

Just before we flew we managed to have a few quick games and were really impressed with the game so quickly shot into town to purchase the other characters. We then took the game on holiday with us to play with the kids in the mornings or evenings when we had a little down time.

Hasbro Gaming - Monopoly Gamer
The game is different to your standard monopoly game, with the aim of the game to get the most amount of points at the end of the game. This can be achieved through owning properties, defeating bosses and collecting coins.
No one can get out of this game if you lose you coins or must sell your properties to the bank, you are in it till the end!

There are no houses or hotels being added to the board and you play with 2 dice rather than the standard 1. This additional dice is a power up die and gives you a chance to use your characters special abilities.

Each character has different abilities which can all change any game you are playing on its head, it really does come down to your luck of the dice on the day! Don’t ever under estimate any character as if they are having a good game, they will take the game!

I think since we have had this game we have probably played it well more than 20 times already with each game ending completely differently.

Like I said at the beginning this is not what you would expect from a Monopoly game however it has been a huge hit in this house and become our favourite game of all time. It is going to be a huge hit this Christmas and the additional characters are great stocking fillers or pocket money toys.


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