Which advent calendar will you be getting this year?

The advent calendar market in the UK is getting bigger and bolder every year.

Long gone are the days of a chocolate calendar or even a homemade one, now it is about the big brands bringing out their favourite products to the market, some with the price tag to match!

So, if you are in the market for something a little different this year, what advents are there on the market?

Haribo – £7 available from Amazon or Ocado

If you are not a chocolate fan, then this may be perfect for you. Each door has a different Haribo sweet – some of them especially for Christmas. Click the picture to see what you get inside.

Haribo Advent Calendar

Smiggle advent calendar – £25

I know last year this calendar got a lot of stick however we brought Kayleigh one and she loved it! Every item she got, she loved it! This year I’ve heard they are back bigger than ever so definitely one for the list!

The Rudolph advent calendar – Bubblegum Balloons – £24

This one is a little different and I really like it! Bubblegum Balloons have created this create your own Rudolph advent. Simply add your favourite sweet to the balloons as you set up to calendar and then each day you get a treat you will love. Plus, it just looks fab!

The Rudolph advent calenda

Mad Beauty Advent Calendar – Find Me A Gift – £24.99

This calendar from Find Me A Gift comes with a choice of two designs – Pink & Black or Classic Gold. Both however have the same contents inside when you open them.

With lots of lovely little gifts such as lip glosses, nail varnishes and eye shadows this would be perfect for any teens or maybe even yourself to top up your make up bag.

Click the picture to see the items included.

Paxton Chocolate Truffle Advent Calendar – Paxon – £35

This advent is one for a bit of luxury! Filled with 24 delicious handmade champagne truffles in apple and orange flavours topped with gold leaf, bring a little luxury to your Christmas this year. One for your not the kids! Each one is delicious and sure to brighten any chilly December morning!

Paxton Chocolate Truffle Advent Calenda

12 Days Of Beauty Products Advent Calendar – Find Me A Gift – £10.99

If you are not one for make up but love to look after you skin this beauty advent is perfect for you. With 12 doors to open and each one containing a product to give you a bit of TLC in the run up to Christmas. Click the picture to see the contents.

12 Days Of Beauty Products Advent Calendar

The Chase Advent Calendar – Chase – £129.95

This is the most expensive calendar in our collection and is one for the fans of Chase Distillery. Each day in the build up to Christmas you will open the door on a different 5cl Chase miniature. You can see the full list on the link above. I think the rhubarb vodka sounds delicious!

The Chase Advent Calendar

LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Advent Calendar – £25

Lego is a huge hit in this house, in fact it has been since the kids were small. Last year we brought Ethan the Star Wars Lego advent and he loved it, this year they are back again and from what I have seen they have been very popular again, so if you are planning to get one you need to move quick.

Lego Star Wars Advent

These are just some of the advent calendars that you will find on the market this year.

Which advent calendar will you be getting this year


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