How to Get Balance into Your Life for 2018

Do you ever feel slightly oversold on the idea that women can have it all? A successful career, a happy family, a divine home, and all while looking like a Stepford Wife? The problem is that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, or energy that can be spent to help achieve the ideal. Here are some ways to help you regain some time and balance in your life for 2018.

  1. Say No

How often do you say no to demands on your time? Whether it’s going shopping with your mother on a Saturday afternoon when you do online shopping specifically to avoid it, or even to go out with girlfriends on your first free Friday night for a month – just say no. If it doesn’t suit you, don’t do it. Yes, you’ll feel guilty the first couple of times you put your own needs first, but then it will become habit, and you won’t feel so bad; in fact, you will feel great. Your free time will become exactly that, and you will be able to enjoy it on your terms.

  1. Identify Short Cuts and Use Them

Shortcuts are all around us, it’s just up to us whether we use them. Shortcuts can literally be a shortcut to work that has less traffic, or even a shortcut on the desktop that you use. We are creatures of habit, but sometimes the habits we have are not the best or quickest way of doing tasks. If you commute on public transport, catch up with football news and views on Unibet football blog, or read the news; you want to stay current, but you don’t need to stay up watching MOTD or Question Time to get a full picture of the week’s events. If you can, shave a couple of minutes off a journey, or a task – that’s time that you now have for something else!

  1. Get organised

This also applies to every member of your household. By getting organised, you can reduce the time that you spend chasing your tail looking for things that should have been put away properly, returning to shops to buy items that you have forgotten, panic buying last-minute birthday presents that you had so nearly forgotten, and the list continues. Invest in a family sized calendar and use it. You may prefer a digital version, but that may encourage you to be connected to time-consuming devices, and you may just get distracted from what you are trying to achieve. The great thing about a calendar is that you have it on the wall, meaning you can delegate to other unsuspecting members of the household.

The pressure to be performing and achieving at a consistently high level is high; however, the balls that you are juggling are not made of glass, and its ok to drop one every now again. The world will not end if the carpets need hoovering, nor will it end if you just don’t have the energy to take your children swimming after school occasionally. Take 2018 as your year to find that balance between perfection and realism, and you will find that you do have it all after all.

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