Perfect toy collection for any Star Wars fan!

Perfect toy collection for any Star Wars fan!

We are huge Star Wars fans in this house and the kids have seen all the films including the originals!

So when they were offered the chance to review the latest range of toys from the new film they were not going to turn it down.

We were very fortunate to be sent the following to try out:

We were very lucky to review the Bladebuilders lightsaber previously so you can check the full review of that now. Thankfully we have 2 now so the kids can play together!

One of our favourite items was the Kylo Ren interactech figure. It comes with over 60 different motion-activated sound effects and phrases. As well as a light-up lightsabre accessory he also comes with his helmet, both of which can be removed.

Standing at 12-inches tall and using motion sensor technology it really is an interactive toy for any Star Wars fan.

The Rey of Jakku extendable staff is another fun addition to the kids Star Wars collection. The staff itself comes with the main section and 2 interchangeable ends. These can be taken out and replaced with Bladebuilders Lightsabres (which you can purchase separately) to give them a different look.

This staff gives your little ones the chance to recreate epic adventures of Rey on Jakku, creating their own little story! When they spin this staff it snaps out to over 3.5 feet long so make sure there is plenty of space when the get it out!

The Princess Leia Organa & R2-D2 set are perfect for role playing games. Princess Leia legs can be squeezed so that she raises her blaster. I found this to be a little difficult to get her to do at times however it does work and the kids enjoyed it. R2-D2 stands at 4 inches tall and has all the features from the film recreated on him.

Last up was the Force Link Starter Set, which is a wearable For Link that you can activate different sounds, lights and phrases from the Force Link figures, vehicles and playsets.

This starter set comes complete with a Kylo Ren Force Link-activated figure.

Your little one wears the Force Link on their wrist and the special technology is used to unlock the phrases and sounds in over 30 toys (sold separately).

Perfect toy collection for any Star Wars fan!

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