*Review* Philips GoSure ADR620 Dashcam

*Review* Philips GoSure ADR620 Dashcam

With more and more horror stories coming out of the UK roads, many of us are turning to dashcam’s for reassurance should something happen. Philips kindly sent me their GoSure ADR620 to try out and see how I get on.

This is designed to capture everything that goes on, recording in shard FHD quality with optional GPS module (purchased separately), giving you accurate evidence of your journey.

One of my favourite features with this dashcam is the fact it starts to record the moment you start your vehicle, so there is no need to remember to turn it on. Just go about your journey as you normally would safe in the knowledge that it is recording. It even holds the date and time settings you put into the camera when you first set it up.

As it records in full-HD 1080p, the detailing from the recordings is very good. It has the ability to record number plates up to 6 meters away and the 120° degree wide angle lens can record up to three lanes width in front of you. So should anything unfortunately unfold in front of you it should be captured by the camera and help the police and those involved unravel the events.

Philips GoSure ADR620 Dashcam #Review #Cars

The clever little device also has built in G sensor which automatically secure the footage a few minutes before and after a collision. During a collision that exceeds a certain force, the device automatically stores this footage. The storage for emergencies is kept separately on the memory card so it locks this away so it can’t be over written.

There is one button on the device which you can press to store an emergency recording too should you need to.

Philips GoSure ADR620 Dashcam #Review #Cars

We found the whole process for setting this up from start to usage really simple. Everything works through step by step setting up the date and time for example and then all you need to do is position it in a safe place out of the drivers view.

When we set this up, we placed ours behind our rear view mirror so it is not impeding any views however from the passenger seat you are able to view the 2inch screen should you need to.

As it automatically starts recording when you start the car, it really easy so simple to use. It is worth noting you will need a micro SD card (ideally a 32mb) to record footage though so it may be worth picking one up when you place an order if you do not have one.

All in all I am really impressed with this dashcam and so pleased we have one. It has made me feel much safer when I take the car out. I know it can’t stop an accident happening however knowing if anything does happen there is a recording has put my mind at ease.

Our review of Philips GoSure ADR620 Dashcam

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