Giving Your Kids A More Balanced Lifestyle

Giving Your Kids A More Balanced Lifestyle

The NHS stresses the importance of ensuring your kids have a balanced and healthy lifestyle. At least one hour of physical activity is recommended for kids from 6 years old onwards as it has many benefits, including healthy hearts, strong bones and muscles, maintaining their weight and ensuring their general wellbeing!

This post will look at some of the ways you can encourage your kids to lead a healthier and more balanced lifestyle… and have fun while doing it!

What Should Your Kids Eat?

Of course, there should be plenty of fruit and veg in your children’s diet, but as you probably already know, it can be difficult to encourage your kids to actually eat it!

If you’re struggling to get them to eat their 5 a day at mealtimes, here’s a few ways to get them more excited about maintaining a balanced diet:

  • Make sure there’s a variety on offer – you could ask them to choose a different vegetable each meal time
  • Add some fruit to pancakes, cereals and some extra veg in meals like pasta and sandwiches
  • Get them involved with washing, preparing and cooking the veg to get them excited about eating something they’ve prepared themselves
  • In the same vein, get them involved with growing your own vegetable patch in the garden – you’ll get some quality bonding time and they’ll be more excited about eating their greens.

How to Get Them Excited about Exercise

Exercise can come in many forms, from after-school sports like football, dancing or netball, to simply taking the dog out for a walk each evening. It’s all about boosting their activity levels in a way that they’ll enjoy – so it doesn’t feel like exercise!

You could encourage them to take on a hobby at home, such as scootering for example. Riding a scooter actually requires high fitness levels, including stamina, balance and focus. Plus, it’s something that they can do anywhere – even in the back garden if they wanted to. Let them customise their own scooter from Proline Skates and they’ll practice to their heart’s content, whilst staying fit and healthy at the same time!

Follow our simple guide to help get your kids excited about leading a healthy lifestyle. By encouraging them to cook with you and to take on after-school activities that they enjoy (and that don’t actually feel like exercise!), you’ll influence them to be healthy in all parts of their lives. That way, you’re more likely to have happy children with a balanced lifest

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