*Review* Hasbro Mighty Muggs

Hasbro are back with some great toys that are the perfect pocket money price for any Star Wars or Marvels fan.

These Mighty Muggs come in a range of the popular characters and are durable for little hands. Each character has a simple push head mechanism that allows their faces to spin and reveal a different expression, there are 3 in total for each character. They also stand 4inches tall, so not too big but the right size for little hands.

Each one is delivered in its own casing, now it won’t keep them protected as there is a hole at the top for you to be able to try them out however if you have a Star Wars or Marvel fan I can see them becoming the next collector’s item

Hasbro Mighty Muggs

If these are to become a toy, they are super easy to get out of the casing, just a simple twist screw in each foot to pop them out.

One of our favourites in the range has to be Groot, who doesn’t love Groot?

Hasbro Mighty Muggs

You can find the full range here on Amazon.

Overall Ethan loved the ones we received and I can see him getting more with his pocket money as the months go on!

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