What Male Celebs Are Wearing Right Now

David Beckham has been spotted out and about sporting a very different haircut to his long locks. Beckham is constantly changing his style in one way or another, whether it is his hairstyle or fashion style. Being married to one of the most popular fashion designers of the current day must come in handy, as he always looks just perfect. It isn’t just the clothes that he wears that make a statement; it is also the accessories and how he wears them. Here are the styles that the celebs are wearing right now:

Matt Smith (Actor and Model)

According to style experts GQ, Matt Smith is top of the celeb fashion charts. His modelling for Burberry has caused quite a stir and even the clothes that he has been wearing on TV series such as The Crown is getting people excited about his outfits. Although the character he portrays (Prince Philip) is not exactly renowned for cutting-edge fashion, Matt Smith seems to bring Royal dress to the forefront of fashion.

David Beckham (Ex Footballer and Fashion Icon)

David was recently papped in West Hollywood wearing what would probably be described as a low-key look or even a tad scruffy were any other man pictured wearing the same outfit. Beany hat, hoody, sports shorts and tennis socks are not the best look for average Joe but the style icon David Beckham manages to have this look labelled by the press as ‘sports chic’. The guy is just too cool, he could wear anything and create a new style that people would try and replicate. One expects that he will be turning up for the Royal wedding in an outfit that is a bit more traditionally stylish.

Harry Styles (Singer)

The man that is so stylish, even his name reflects it. The former One Direction boyband member was in GQ’s top five best-dressed men of 2018 for good reason. Stylist Harry Lambert is largely responsible for Harry’s unique and well-publicised fashion choices. His style demonstrates designs and materials that would usually be associated with more feminine clothing and is described as breaking gender confines and connotations. Even in his days of One Direction, Harry Styles was the standout fashion icon that experimented with different looks and was brave enough to try a style that others might fear being targeted by the media for wearing.

Brooklyn Beckham (Photographer and Model)

Taking into account who his parents are, Brooklyn Beckham always had a good chance of being stylish but nobody could have predicted just how so. Studying photography, Brooklyn clearly has a good eye for an image and the same can be said for his fashion. As young as 14, he was leading the way for men’s fashions being pictured with a striking blazer and jeans combo that showed fashion sense far superior than his age should have allowed. This year he has been snapped wearing a Burberry coat with Baker Boy style hat.

Conor McGregor (UFC Fighter)

You perhaps wouldn’t expect a UFC fighter to be at the forefront of fashion but Conor McGregor has shaken up the fashion world with some carefully designed outfits. The designs include a tailored suit that controversially had small pinstripes that actually spelt out an expletive said to be aimed at his thoughts on future opponent Floyd Mayweather. Nice!

Obscenities aside, Conor has a reputation for wearing a very sharp suit, complemented with a tie and colourful handkerchief in the breast pocket. He has also been pictured wearing checked suits, which seem to be a big favourite in the fashion stakes.

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