Wise Words Wednesday with Anne

Good morning and welcome back to Wise Words Wednesday where today we are welcoming Anne to the hotseat.

Anne has only been blogging for a short time however I think this interview is a really inspiring one for those who have considered blogging but not sure where to start!

I’m going to hand you over to Anne for her thoughts on all things blogging:

Hi guys! Before I answer these blogger hot seat questions. I just want to thank Paula for allowing me to take part in this post! If you guys enjoy my blog here is the link to my site www.foreverthewanderer.ie/wp I would love if you al l could subscribe/like/comment and share. I would love to hear from you all and connect with. Here are all my social media links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loveroftravel12/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foreverthewanderer/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/foreverwander12

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ie/foreverthewanderer/pins/

Tell us a little about you and your blog.

My name is Anne Carty and I’ve recently just turned 18. I’m from Ireland. I may be short but no I am not a leprechaun. I do not live at the end of a rainbow and have a pot of gold. If I did I wouldn’t be in Ireland I would be travelling around the world and blogging about the places I have been. I live in the middle of Ireland in a small town in county Longford. I’ve been here for 11 years now but I wish to be back in Dublin again. I’m the oldest child of four. Two brothers and a sister, you can guess how crazy my house is! I’m in my final year of school and my exams are just around the corner. Gulp! Once my exams are over I’m going to be working even harder on my blog. I absolutely love travelling and writing so I decided to join them together and create a blog! Amazing! Right?! I plan to show everyone who follows my blog the world. One blog at a time.

What inspired you to start blogging?

Hmm this is a tough question. What inspired me to start a blog? Recently I’ve been worried about my exams and what I will be doing in my life. As I was slowly slipping into the dark tunnel of depression and the hell of my anxiety I began panicking about getting into college or not. Trying to calm myself down I was looking through my twitter feed at people who were enjoying themselves travelling the world and writing about it to inspire others. These pictures inspired me to write about my own travelling and begin to start making my way around the world.

What has been your highlight of blogging?

My highlight of blogging has been meeting so many encouraging, supportive and caring people. These people have been so helpful and supportive to me. They have been giving me advice on how to grow my blog and audience. They have been amazing, and I will always appreciate everything they have done for me!

Is there anything you have learnt about blogging which you wish you knew when you started out?

When I started out only five weeks ago I had no idea what I was doing. I was relying on other bloggers, google and YouTube to help me! I was so nervous to start off that I kept pushing it forward, scared of failure. I wish I knew how supportive people were before I started my blogging journey. If I knew this I would have definitely started sooner.

Bloggers sometimes get a lot of stick however they work really hard and are reaping the rewards, what has been the most rewarding part of blogging for you?

As I have previously mentioned I am only blogging for five weeks! So, I haven’t had many rewarding experiences as of yet! But I intend to have those sometime soon as I continue to work on my blog. The most rewarding part for me so far is people actually reading my posts! I honestly can’t believe that people like and enjoy my reading!

What would be your number one tip you would give to all new bloggers starting out?

The one tip I would give to all new bloggers is to just begin writing! Get your pen on paper or your fingers on your keyboard and write, write, write and write. Create some pretty good content and engage with people on social media and things will begin to fall into place.

Who do you find inspiring to read/watch in the blogging world?

In the blogging world I am inspired by the blog Goats on the road. I have had a great interaction with Nick from his blog and he encouraged me so much and was the person who pushed me to finally launching my blog. Their blogs and videos are so inspiring and make me so excited to travel the world. You all should look at their blog. https://www.goatsontheroad.com/

Do you have any big plans/dreams for your blog in the next twelve months?

In the next 12 months I plan to have a good following on my blog and on my social media accounts. In the next year I hope to travel to some places through Europe to create more posts for my blog and inform all my followers of these amazing places.

Thank you Anne for taking part!

Wise Words Wednesday with Anne

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