Picking the best skirting boards for our home with Skirting World.co.uk

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If you are a regular reader on our blog you will know that we have started our biggest building project to date in our home, you can read more on this here if not. It is still ongoing and to be honest, it will be for a while, but we are ploughing on regardless.

With the new layout having walls removed and rebuilt, it has meant we are back to bare wall throughout the house. There was at one point where we had no walls at all through the back part of the house, just one big open space.

The walls have been rebuilt and the new doors have been installed, with our new architraves from Skirting World being put in place. I went for this bullnose architrave as it matches the skirting we ordered and I love it.

Picking the best skirting boards for our home with Skirting World.co.uk

When I was looking at all the design options on Skirting World I made the decision I didn’t want anything with too many curves or patterns put into it. This is not because it doesn’t look pretty, but with 2 dogs and 2 children, it becomes a bit of a pain to clean down. I just wanted something that looked good but was easy to maintain.

Our skirting is this Bullnose MDF Skirting and I love it!  It has a simple design but gives us the clean lines in the rooms we are looking for.

On Skirting World, there is a whole host of options when you are looking to pick your skirting and your order is made to order just for you.

So the first one is the design, whether you are going for something simple like our Bullnose design or something a little more intricate such as this Elizabethan MDF Skirting Board.

Once you have your design chosen you can then pick all the important features such as height, thickness and length. You then have the choice on the finish, so you can have primed or unprimed. We have gone for primed to save us a little bit of time on the woodwork. There is also an option for a rebate, this one threw me a little as I was unsure of what it meant. However if like me you are not DIY minded, it basically means behind the skirting there is a channel cut out for you to run your wires should you do this in your house. For all the options, Skirting World has a little button you can click for the explanation on what they are asking for.

Picking the best skirting boards for our home with Skirting World.co.uk

Picking the best skirting boards for our home with Skirting World.co.uk

Delivery for us was quick and simple, I really appreciate the quick turnaround so we were able to get the skirting cut to size before my Father in Law headed home.

Not all of the skirting has been fitted yet as we work from room to room, however, the ones that have been fitted look great. This weekend I should be able to start giving the one in Ethan’s room his topcoat and I can’t wait to see how they look when they are finished. I will be sharing updates on the build as we go along so make sure you check back and see how it looks finished.

I have been really impressed with Skirting World from the order stage through to the quality of the product, so much so that when we move through to decorate our living room I will be using them again to order our skirting from them again.

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