The Ordinary moments #1 – A New Year

Good morning and welcome back to the blog.

Usually, I share one picture that sums up our week on a Sunday however this year I am going to try and link up with a few more bloggers in linkies, the first one I’m taking part in is called ordinary moments. Hosted by the lovely Donna at What The Redhead Said, the idea is to capture those ordinary moments from your week and then blog about it, making it a little diary of things you have done regardless of how big or small they may be.

This weeks theme for us is New Year.

We were very fortunate to be off for 2 weeks one the Christmas and New Year, however, we have been poorly. With Daddy Vs Work going down just before Christmas and then me on Boxing Day, Christmas was slow for us with not much going on apart from sleeping. In fact, the first day we started to feel better was New Year’s Eve.

The Ordinary moments #1 - A New Year

There were no plans for us on that day, just a quiet day at home. We had a takeaway, played some card games with the kids for chocolate and watched a film. After almost 2 weeks of sickness doing the rounds in the house, it was nice to just enjoy each others company for a little while.

The Ordinary moments #1 - A New Year

The new year is here now though and with it likely to be busy, our priorities have changed. No more getting stressed about work, taking on more than we need to. We are going to be working smart at home/work and not hard. It is the year that we change our mindset and approach to lots of things, starting a fresh year.

The Ordinary Moments