The Best Tropical Destinations for Your Next Vacation

Post written by Penny Wiltshire

Many people are looking for something new and exciting for their next vacation. A true tropical getaway is a perfect escape from the usual routine. There are so many great locations around the world to experience while you relax, work on your tan and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Here are some of the best tropical getaway destinations to help you plan out your next vacation.

The Bahamas

For decades, The Bahamas have been one of the most famous places to truly indulge in a tropical vacation. The reputation this location has is growing every year, as the islands just keep on getting better. United States residents have it exceptionally good, as The Bahamas are close and easy to travel to. While The Bahamas are certainly popular, just what is it about this archipelago that keeps people coming back?

The Bahamas has something to offer everyone, from those who want to relax, those who want adventure, to those who just want to party on their vacation. The resorts here are some of the best in the world, with amazing spas, gyms, customer service, and everything else you could want.

For travellers who want to experience the culture, there are many museums that provide an interesting look into the famous history here, such as the Pirates of Nassau Museum. If you come during the right time of year, you can experience those vibrant and high energy carnivals that The Bahamas are known for. For food fanatics, there are several world-class restaurants to give you a taste of the incredible cuisine found in the Bahamas. With so much to offer, this location is truly hard to beat.


Far from the overcrowded city of Jakarta, Bali is a gorgeous tropical destination in the Asian country of Indonesia. Bali can be a very adventurous place and is ideal for travellers who want to do more than relax on its beaches, though you can gladly enjoy that as well.

The surfing in Bali is famous around the world, so if that’s something you want to try there are plenty of places to rent a surfboard and ride the famous swells. Cliff diving and scuba diving are also very popular among tourists if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

In Bali, you are never too far from nature. This location has everything you could want to experience. From stunning waterfalls to mountainous areas with lush greenery, rice fields, and secret canyons, nature lovers will truly fall in love with Bali. Culture is very important to the Indonesian people, and there are many ancient temples to explore and experience. Bali truly is a one of a kind place.


In a country made up of hundreds of islands, Boracay stands out as one of the most gorgeous destinations for a tropical vacation.

More than anywhere else, Boracay is about soaking up the sun on incredible white sand beaches. Boracay actually has nine beaches in all, so there are many spots to make your own. If you find that you still want more, keep in mind that the Philippines is made up of over 7000 islands, and travelling between them is an incredible experience that you will remember forever.

Of course, there is a lot more to do here besides island hopping. Kitesurfing is a popular activity, but it’s not one for the faint of heart! With access to so much water, the Philippines has a reputation for incredible seafood. During the day, beach parties are massively popular with world-famous DJs taking the stage. At night, you can enjoy yourself at one of the many popular clubs around the island. Boracay is a tropical getaway with so much to offer.


Thailand is an amazing country with many beautiful locations to explore, but Phuket is truly something special. Phuket is the absolute picture-perfect tropical getaway that will stay in your memory forever.

There is something so iconic about this place, it’s just strikingly beautiful. Of course, many film directors also think so, and that’s why Phuket has been the location for numerous Hollywood films, like The Beach, The Man With the Golden Gun, Tomorrow Never Dies, and many more.

Phuket truly offers the quintessential tropical getaway experience. From five star resorts with poolside cocktails to amazing spas to relax in, Phuket has it all. You can travel around to see the wildlife and explore nature, or just enjoy the beach with the warm sun overhead. During the evening, there are many beach parties with bonfires and fire dancers. Every experience you could want is available here on this famous island.


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