Top 5 Newborn Items For The Colder Months

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When you have just arrived home with a newborn baby in your arms, you will feel a sense of deep satisfaction. Knowing that your new baby son or daughter will be sleeping with you in your own home for the first time ever, is a great achievement. However, first-time parents are often unaware of the things they need to keep a newborn baby safe and warm, during the colder months. Laying doesn’t always work, as this can create an artificial warmth which leads to too much heat. This can irritate a baby and make him or her cry. Just one or two layers is good enough, but they must be high-quality. Here are your top 5 items in this regard.

A swaying wooly basket

First off, don’t forget your basket. These Wicker Moses Baskets are excellent for giving your newborn a nice place to sleep. The covering can be made from cotton or wool, and because of the design of the baskets, the hood traps in just enough heat. Obviously, this can help your baby to go to sleep without much input from you. Once again, making your life easier and your baby’s sleeping pattern much more predictable, is going to help your baby’s quality of life. The baskets are very sturdy, designed to stay upright even if you or the dog accidentally bump into them.


Wooly hats

Baby hats are very important because their heads are so fragile and susceptible to the cold. During the night, it can get very chili, so making sure that your baby’s head is not exposed to the harsh temperatures for too long, is vital to his or her health. Not to mention, if the head is too cold, this can cause breathing problems to occur, such as a cold or flu.

Cotton socks

Some parents are skeptical about cotton socks but you can trust us, they are great for the colder months. Whether in the fall or in the winter, cotton socks are used to help keep your baby’s toes warm at night. Cotton is also stretchy, so if your baby wants to move around and kick up a fuss, he or she won’t feel trapped. Woolen socks seem to do this sometimes unless they are loose-fitting.

Cotton blanket

If you can avoid it, don’t give your baby any kind of synthetic material. The blanket you cover your baby with should be made from a cotton mixture. Cotton, wool, linen and hemp are all great au naturel materials that keep body heat trapped and not allow the cold to get in. they are also very breathable and won’t fall apart in the wash so they last longer.

A onesie

You can’t go wrong with a onesie. It’s just too versatile to not pick up for your baby. However, make sure you get a onesie that doesn’t have a zip, and instead, has buttons. The metal zip might be irritating and cold.

A newborn baby needs some special items to get through his or her first fall or winter. The colder months are harsh for adults, so let’s be extra careful with our little bundles of joy!

ults, so let’s be extra careful with our little bundles of joy!

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