5 Key features for our dream home

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We have recently been discussing moving to our dream home in the next few years to give us a little bigger space but with so many homes on the market, we are going to need to narrow down our wishlist to shrink the search a little.

The home we live in now is a lovely family home, but as our family has grown up a bit, our needs for our family have changed a little and we are looking for a little more space. We have a little time before we make the move but it does mean that it has given us time to think about the plans for our new home and the things we really want. Here are 5 features we would love in our dream home.

Space –

This goes without saying, I would love lots of space throughout the house.

One thing I would really love is a beautiful entrance area where it opens out into a gorgeous hallway and open landing space. Just like you see in films where they have space for a Christmas tree etc. Now I know I am going to have to reign in my ideas a little but I would like a nice space in the hallway to hold all our shoes/coats and bags etc.

Having stairs inside is going to be a bit of a novelty as we currently live in a bungalow that is up the top of some stairs. I would love to have a modern entrance area in our hallway with maybe something like these suspended staircases, however, it will all depend on the house we buy and its layout works for us to do so. The Fontanot shop has some beautiful staircases for inside and out.

5 Key features for our dream home

Driveway –

I will never take for granted having a driveway with a house again!

We don’t have a drive where we are and to be honest, when we first moved in we had space to park with no issues. Over the years though there are more cars on the road and more cars per household, this then puts pressure on the parking and it has resulted in our road becoming harder to park. It is not impossible to park around here however it is not as easy as it used to be and when you come home from shopping with a car full of food, the last thing you want to be doing is trekking down the road with it!

Office space –

Currently, our office is a big desk in the living room. It works fine but I would like to be able to have an office space where I can shut the door and just get on with blog work.

It also means at the end of the day I can walk away from my desk and go and chill out in another room that means I am away from my PC and work. The space does not need to be huge but it does need to have lots of natural light whilst I am working as I hate working with lights on during the day.

5 Key features for our dream home

Outside space –

When I say outside space, I am not talking about just our garden space but I would like to be near some outdoor space, whether it be fields, woodland or anything like that.

Having grown up in a town that is ever-expanding and being boxed in with flats and high rise buildings, I want to get back out into the countryside and enjoy the space a little more going forward. It would be lovely to get up in the mornings on the weekend and be able to take the dog for a walk without needing to get in the car to get to the nearest open space.

Family room –

We would love to have a space that could become a family room, whether it has a space for a little home cinema, some old-style arcade machines or where the kids can chill out with the consoles. Either way, it would be somewhere that when we have friends over, people can relax and just chill out.

There are so many other things I could add to the list, but I realise I won’t be able to get everything we would like for our budget. We are just going to need to prioritise what is the most important things to us to make it our new family home.

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