5 Steps to Success: How to Get Your Children to Consume Their 5 a Day

Most children will always choose chocolate over a piece of fruit, so it can be a struggle to encourage your children to make the right snack choices. While getting them to eat their broccoli or enjoy apple slices over a Mars Bar may be difficult, it isn’t impossible. Learn how to get your child to eat their 5 a day.

  1. Make Yummy Smoothies

The first thing you need to do is change their mindset towards fruit and vegetables. The most effective way to do so is to create yummy smoothies, which your kids will want to try. You can guarantee they will jump at the chance to enjoy a colourful drink, which will be jam-packed with flavour as well as essential nutrients. You can also experiment with different fruit and vegetables to maintain their interest. Get started by buying a fast smoothie maker from VonShef.

  1. Add Fruit to Their Cereal

Do your children love a bowl of cereal in the morning? Add fruit to their breakfast, which will provide it with some natural sweetness, cutting out the sugary frosted flakes they may prefer. Fruit can complement a range of breakfast cereals, such as porridge, oatmeal, Weetabix and cornflakes. You never know, they might enjoy it so much that they eventually ask you for an apple or banana as a snack instead of a sugar-laden treat.

  1. Grow Your Own

Instil a sense of pride into your kids by encouraging them to grow their own fruit and vegetables. They will love to watch the plants bud and form into natural, healthy ingredients, so they might be more tempted to try the fresh produce for themselves. It can also help them develop a passion for cooking with fresh fruit and vegetables. This simple act could make a big difference to your child’s diet, so it is certainly worth a try.

  1. Add Vegetables to Dishes

The thought of eating vegetables probably fills your child with dread. Rather than giving them the chance to refuse eating the produce, sneak different vegetables into homemade dishes. For example, you can chop up carrots, onions, and leeks to add into stews, casseroles or cottage pie, which they might eat without thinking about what’s inside; you could even add vegetables to their favourite Mac n Cheese dish.

  1. Allow Them to Pick Fruit and Vegetables

Take your son or daughter to the supermarket so they can pick a fruit or vegetable they’d like to try that week. Ask them to select an ingredient they’d like to taste and supervise them as they prepare it within the home. This may help your child generate an interest in fruit and vegetables, while introducing them to an ingredient they might enjoy. It’s a great way to have fun in both the supermarket and the kitchen, so they’ll associate it with happy memories rather than an unpleasant experience.

Have you successfully encouraged your kids to try different fruit and vegetables? Write a comment below to share your tips on how to encourage children to consume their five a day.

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