5 stress-free ways to plan for your family holiday

5 stress-free ways to plan for your family holiday

If you are lucky enough to be heading away for a last-minute family holiday or maybe even planning your holiday for next year, there are plenty of ways to plan so it is stress-free for the whole family.

Now depending on whether you are one for getting super organised or a last-minute booker these tips are to help keep your stress levels to a minimum and ensure ultimate relaxation.

I am one for being organised however I get super stressed at the same time!

Once we are at our destination, all stresses disappear but I am that person that will check our passports are still in the bag 10 times before we even get through security! I know they are not likely to go anywhere but I panic that they will be missing by the time we come to boarding.

5 stress-free ways to plan for your family holiday

So, if you are like me, what are my top tips for making your holiday?

  1. Shop around – The number one cause for my stress is always money. I like to get the best deals for our hard earned money. If I feel like we are getting a good deal it doesn’t seem to stress me out how much we’ve had to part with.
  2. Make sure you have insurance – I can’t stress how important it is to make sure you have insurance. I know it seems a bit depressing to be thinking about getting ill/injured or worse but you want to ensure you are well looked after should something happen. https://www.bupaglobal.com/en/quote is a great place to start when looking for travel insurance quotes for you and your whole family. Don’t forget if you are travelling in Europe it is worth applying for your European Health Insurance Card which is free, it doesn’t replace your travel insurance though so don’t go without both.
  3. Pack the night before you fly – We never pack too far in advance, I always have to double check even triple check we have everything we need to take with us so I’ve given up packing too far in advance. Once the kids are in bed we lay it all out on the table and work through what we need packing as we go!
  4. Split your packing – For the last few trips we have taken a suitcase each but we divide our clothes and toiletries between all the bags, that way should a case go missing we at least all have some items to keep us going for a while!
  5. Take an emergency card – One of my biggest fears is being stuck abroad with no way of getting home. With this in mind, I always carry a credit card with me for emergencies. It is not to be used for our trip at all unless there is an emergency and we need to get home. It just gives me peace of mind knowing we have it should we need it. Thankfully though we have never had to use it.

Holidays should be a time for the whole family to relax and it should be stress-free for everyone. Don’t let a little thing bring down your holiday mood and if you are lucky enough to be heading away enjoy!

5 stress-free ways to plan for your family holiday

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