Achieving A Characterful And Personalised Family Home: The Easy Way

What makes the house you live in a home? Well, a large part of it is how you decorate your living space, and in particular, adding personalised and meaningful touches is a fantastic way to achieve a more characterful look. Of course, some folks take to doing these type of decorating like a duck to water, but even if you don’t feel like the most crafty person ever, there is still plenty of options to try. Just keep reading to find out who they are.

Alphabet fun

If you are looking to make the place, you live in more than just a house, but not spend a fortune or too much time doing so a great place to start is with some alphabet fun!

Why alphabet? Well, it’s a great way to personalise your home because you can pick the first letter of each of the family’s first names, or even the first letter of the family name too. Then you can include this into your interior decorating, and personalize your space in a lowkey way.

There are plenty of ways to integrate the alphabet into your decor too, one of the most popular ones being using circus-style letters. These are freestanding, or wall mounted letters that are made from metal and then painted, usually in red or black. They have the circus-style bulbs inside of the letter shapes too, which give them a beautiful vintage feel so would work perfectly in either a retro or eclectic type room.

However, it can be quite expensive to buy circus style letters, especially if you wanna good quality ones. With that in mind, there are other options available, one of which is to purchase cardboard 3D letters from the local craft shop and decorate them yourself.

Such letters aren’t expensive, and you can paint, glitter, or decoupage them to your own taste and design. You could even get the little ones to help you do them to which is an excellent way to involve them in the decoration and personalization of their own spaces in the home.

Additionally, you may wish to cut the front face off of the letter you have bought, leaving them open. Then you can fill the entire inside space with silk flowers, which give a floral crown, rustic feel which can work particularly well in a little girls bedroom. See further instructions on how to DIY these here.

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Framed items

Next, when looking to add character and personalization to your family home, a quick and easy method is to display framed items on the wall. I’m not just talking about favourite work of art here though, in fact, you can get a lot more individualised than that.

One way of doing this is to display family photos, something that can be hugely successful if you use a gallery wall. Such a wall is a space in the home where you put up many different style and sizes of frame, usually held together by a colour theme, which makes an excellent way to display images of the whole family having fun and still keep things as stylish as possible.

Alternatively, a genius idea for anyone that has kids and a fridge door chocked full of drawings that they don’t know what to do with, is framed DIY modern art.

To achieve this look in your home, all you need is a big collection of the kids’ artwork, frames of the right size, card, a circular punch, and some glue. Then you just take the artwork and punch a single circle from each piece. Next, you affix each circle onto the card in rows, lines, or any other pattern you like. Then you frame and it, and you will have a stylish art piece that has been created by your very own kids. You’ll also free up a lot more storage space too, as you won’t have to keep every, single, drawing they do when they are little now either.

Of course, the sky really is the limit when it comes to framed items, and there are also personalised word pictures, family illustrations, and even 3D models that can be created, frame and displayed as well. Something you can view the page here to get some more inspiration on.

Wall hangings

It is also possible to create decorative items for the home yourself and add a personalised touch that way. Of course, by doing this, you get to choose the exact colours that you want, and that will match in with your pre-existing decor. You also get to make some marvellous memories with the little ones if you let them join in, or if you go hunting for supplies together.

Some particularly good example of such items include dream catchers and wall hangings, both of which are so simple to make, and yet hugely on trend right now. To create a dream catcher, all you will need is an embroidery ring, some string, a lace doily, and some ribbons, strips of fabric, and lace.

Of course, you can go thrifting for the lace doilies and strips of fabric, which the kids will find super fun, especially if you give them the money and allow them to make their own choice in the shop. Then, it’s just a matter of stringing the lace doily across the embroidery ring and then tying the ribbon and lace in streamers to the bottom. You can even add a loop at the top with string so they can be hung on the wall, or in front of a window.

Similarly, making a simple wooden wall hanging with a stick can take barely any time at all, and the stick itself can be something to look out for in your next country walk with the kids.

Just add a few other resources to this including string, thin strips of leather in metallic colours, and strips of fabric. You can then tie the string around the stick at both ends to create a hanging loop, and in between add strips of fabric, leather, and lace, even plaiting some together for a particularly pleasant effect. The end results will look like some of the more expensive items you can buy in higher ends stores, and it will have a greater significance as you collected the materials yourself as a family and created the end result.

Fabric ideas

Some of us are blessed with sewing skills, but even if such abilities allude you, it is still possible to add some personalised fabrics items to your home that will enhance its character. One such item is bunting, which is super popular for garden parties, weddings, and rustic style homes as well.

Luckily, with a small investment in tools like these pinking shears, and some smart fabric choices the need to use complicated templates and sewing machines is all but done away with.

You see pinking shears decoratively cut the fabric, and help to stop the end fraying, which mean if you pick a knit fabric which tends to be more stretchy and fray less you will be on to a winner. If you are using the bunting for a kids room, you can even get super personalised and creative and use fabric paint or puff pens to write the letters of their name on each individual flag too for a great effect.

Alternatively, you may wish to attempt a more challenging project, such as creating a needlepoint embroidery, or even your own personalised family cushion covers. For the former option, remember that you needn’t pick a dated or twee piece with ‘Home Sweet Home’ on anymore. In fact, it has become quite the trend to embroider edgy catchphrases from your family’s favourite shows or songs and display these instead. Something you can see more of here.

Also, if you are planning on creating your own family cushions, with your surname, or motto you will be pleased to find out this isn’t such a difficult task. In fact, you can invest in some plain natural cotton cushion covers for hardly anything at all, and then all you need do is transfer the image from paper to the cushion itself.

To do this, it’s best to have the image digitally and print it out using glossy photo paper, even if it’s text rather than a picture. Then you can use the method described here to transfer it from the paper to the material you are using. Just be sure to print it in reverse if it is text you are using. Otherwise, no one will be able to read your personalised masterpiece!

Print trays

Lastly, displaying ornaments and curios in your home is a fantastic way of adding a personalised touch. However, for many people, such displays can mean clutter, increased cleaning time, and a disruption of the clean and minimal lines they work so hard to achieve.

Happily, there is an alternative and its to invest in an old French print tray. These come in their original sizes or can be cut down to size and mounted on the wall. The trays are shallow, and inside they have a lot of small spaces that use to house the letters from the printing presses.

However, such a space can be used to store and display small ornaments, curios, souvenirs, and even a select few if the kids’ toys, all while keeping things neat and organised. Something that makes it a fantastic way to add some personalised character to your home, while maintaining an overall stylish look.

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